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    Avocado tree dropping leaves

    My avocado is coming into its third summer. It is dropping a lot of older leaves. It looks healthy & has lots of baby leaves coming on. Because of bad things happening in my life it did get ignored for a couple of months so could have dried out. Is leaf dropping normal, should I worry do...
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    Itchy dog

    Just got a little Tenterfield terrier. She is very itchy. It seems that it is the grass that is causing the worst of her itchies. Vet has her on antihistamines. Has anyone go any other ideas? I've just started her on cod liver oil.
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    Question Poisoning Regrowth

    Just had another thought. I don't know how many unwanted trees you have but if there aren't too many you could cut & swab. You cut the tree off close to ground level & immediately swab the stump with roundup. That kills it & you don't use as much as if you are spraying the whole tree, you also...
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    Question Poisoning Regrowth

    We certainly didn't have bare earth for 2 years! We didn't have bare earth at all. Brushoff doesn't kill grass so for a start you have all the grass that is around the tree that you are killing. I've used it on an area that I was reseeding in 6 months time & had no problems with the seeds not...
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    Question Poisoning Regrowth

    We used Brushoff on olive regrowth. Olives are very hard to kill so if Brushoff works on them it will work on anything. Look up Brushoff find out its chemical name & buy the genetic version. It's very cheap it's a granule & a little goes a LONG way. You have to use a surfactant like Pulse with...
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    What is it & what is eating it??

    Had a horse that used to love to eat my mandarins off the tree.
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    Who's using grey water on their garden?

    I use it straight from my washing machine onto the lawn and that is great. Lawn green and growing in summer when without the washing machine water lawn would be dry and dead. As a bonus it is better for the septic tank to keep water going into it to a minimum. At our old place we ran the...
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    4Corners ABC TV 7Aug2017 must watch

    I don't have access to TV so I am wondering what this program came up with. I take it from your comments that what we carefully put in our yellow bins doesn't actually get recycled. I've always wondered how much gets recycled. I try as much as possible not to get the rubbish to start with but it...
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    Question What's the perfect sized property for Self-Sufficient living?

    I think the most important deciding factor is water. When I lived in the Adelaide Hills (800mm) 5 acres supported 6sheep and a horse easily but at Milang (300mm) 10 acres just manages 4 sheep and a horse. that's about animal keeping but even if you are not going to keep any animals water is...
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    Question Bubbles in pot saucers?

    We used to use our washing machine water to water fruit trees. We were told that that was fine if you used to straight away, no storage. but is you stored it for even a day you could run into trouble with bacteria building up. Is that what is happening? Can you use it is some way that there is...
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    When do you prunr

    Some of the articles I was reading about when to prune advocated pruning in summer because the tree recovers quicker when it is awake so is less likely to get fungal or other infections in the cut.
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    When do you prunr

    Been doing some reading up about pruning fruit trees. Some say you should prune in winter when tree is asleep but some say it is better to prune late summer. So I'm asking when do you prune & why
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    rabbits and friut trees

    The way my trees are it would be very hard to fence them all off. but I may have no other choice. Still it may turn out to be more reasons to get my OH to agree to me getting a Jack Russell. Can't imagine any rabbit hanging around to chew trees with JR going for it as only a JR can
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    What to do with compost thst has gone yuck?

    I think I will go back to having manure piles & just bury my veggie scraps. Don't have any problems getting the manure to heat up & I have worms in the veggie garden now so they can have the scraps
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    rabbits and friut trees

    Been reading farming catalog & looking at fox lights. So got to wondering if they work on rabbits as well. Does anyone know?
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    What to do with compost thst has gone yuck?

    That sounds like a good idea. I am about to start my tomato patch prep
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    rabbits and friut trees

    How often do you sprinkle more vinegar or tabasco sauce? do you just put it around so you can smell it?
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    Full Sun?

    Down south it is definitely full sun. When I was on clay soil only watered once a week but on the sand I have here it's water every day & mulch heavily. Also I have discovered deep watering is a waste of water on sand. the water washes straight through away from the roots. so shallow frequent...
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    What to do with compost thst has gone yuck?

    Think I will do the bury veggie scrap idea. I am just too much of a compost bin tragic. I think I will use the tumbler for horse poo. it works fine with that. cooks it very quickly.
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    What to do with compost thst has gone yuck?

    I admit that me & compost have never been best mates. Normally I throw my veggie waste into manure pile & that's it. But I bought a tumbler compost bin & have been trying to compost veggie scraps. Well at the moment I have a soggy black mess. Too wet. Wondering if i should add a bucket of saw...