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  1. DTK

    New asparagus bed

    My asparagus plant is still mostly green...I am just waiting for them to die off and I will feed and mulch them. The plant has 'its own corner' in the vegie cage. I have two more young plants to put in - I guess in the spring. My original plant was in a pot for a couple/few years and the roots...
  2. DTK

    Native bee hives SE Qld

    Good news David. Seriously happy for you
  3. DTK

    Hi from North Brisbane

    Hi North Brisbanite, welcome!
  4. DTK

    Self sufficient me live stream.

    Enjoying the videos Mark. I missed the comments about flat earth but from what you said I guess there were people making flat earth comments or jokes? They are around.
  5. DTK

    G'day from Wagga Wagga

    Welcome to the group bendehlsen
  6. DTK

    Hi, I'm Heather from Clunes in Central Victoria.

    Welcome Central Vic Gardner, I'd be intrigued to know why you chose Victoria (and I am not having a go at you re COVID). We grew up in Sydney too and have moved around quite a bit but chose Brisbane to retire. I agree with Mary, plant fruit trees now. I had 38 local and exotic fruit tree...
  7. DTK

    Diet Change showing results

    I like your approach Derek. It is similar to mine, including medication, however my lack of discipline means I am way behind you in execution.
  8. DTK

    G'day from Brisbane

    G'day ArmouredAlpaca, Welcome to the forum. I too am in Brisbane. I have my Gardenate set to Sub-Tropical but also look at what Tropical has to say because it tends to overlap a little in my experience.
  9. DTK

    New from Rockhampton, QLD

    Welcome Grant. Good to have another veggie growing ex-Army colleague.
  10. DTK

    Cheap Galvanised Garden Bed

    I have not yet tried either but have been looking at Birdies (online only) for quite some time. I had not previously looked at vidaXL. Certainly vida are cheaper appears to 1/2 the price for similar (not exact) but I wonder if the quality is similar. Keen to follow to see if anyone has tried...
  11. DTK

    Missing my garden

    We have been away from home for quite a while. We are currently staying in an apartment on the Gold Coast. I am really missing my garden so I bought some small plants and have been potting them on. I also bought seeds for Pak Choi and harvested seeds from a red papaya we have been buying for...
  12. DTK

    Top 6 Reasons for Keeping a Rooster in Your Flock

    Nice work Mark. We call our rooster: "Roger". ;););)
  13. DTK

    Wood chip mulch

    Nice work Derek
  14. DTK

    What to grow ?

    Sorry to hear of neighbour’s position on passionfruit. I like them. A year or so ago my neighbour had vine growing like crazy. He sent a Shute my way and we enjoyed many fine fruit. Currently our choko vine is growing so well but no fruit yet. Best of luck Dan
  15. DTK

    Dragon fruit cuttings

    I am not sure if it is the same as what I call red, so yes please.... always room for another frangipani mate. ;)
  16. DTK

    What to grow ?

    I guess there are many things to grow and depends which produce / appearance you want to achieve. If along a fence boundary you could try choko or passionfruit. If you have a garden bed there, then maybe choose from a range of vegetables from Good luck.
  17. DTK

    Dragon fruit cuttings

    Excellent! I will be home from 13-20 March so maybe we can set up something then. I am pretty sure there are multiple red, pink, and tri-colour there
  18. DTK

    Dragon fruit cuttings

    Mine are growing well, thanks Tony. I have some frangipanis potted up for you. I am away for two weeks but should be home 13 Mar and perhaps we could meet up so I can give you some, if you still want them. I have given a couple of these away but most still available to you Tony.
  19. DTK

    Question Mulch

    Hi. I am in Brisbane (AUST) and use a variety of mulches. I like the HogelKulture method for lower level then lasagne layers. I use a lot of sugar cane mulch and lucerne.
  20. DTK

    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome HomesteadCat. Your care for animals is very evident. Thanks for introducing yourself; I am sure you will find this forum helpful.