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    Avocado tree dropping leaves

    My avocado is coming into its third summer. It is dropping a lot of older leaves. It looks healthy & has lots of baby leaves coming on. Because of bad things happening in my life it did get ignored for a couple of months so could have dried out. Is leaf dropping normal, should I worry do...
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    Itchy dog

    Just got a little Tenterfield terrier. She is very itchy. It seems that it is the grass that is causing the worst of her itchies. Vet has her on antihistamines. Has anyone go any other ideas? I've just started her on cod liver oil.
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    When do you prunr

    Been doing some reading up about pruning fruit trees. Some say you should prune in winter when tree is asleep but some say it is better to prune late summer. So I'm asking when do you prune & why
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    What to do with compost thst has gone yuck?

    I admit that me & compost have never been best mates. Normally I throw my veggie waste into manure pile & that's it. But I bought a tumbler compost bin & have been trying to compost veggie scraps. Well at the moment I have a soggy black mess. Too wet. Wondering if i should add a bucket of saw...
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    rabbits and friut trees

    The rabbits are eating the bark off of my fruit trees. The ones in the orchard I have put netting around and that has stopped them. The problem is I have several espaliered near the house. The bottom row of the branches is within rabbit height. I can protect the trunk but the bottom two branches...
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    Growing a mango in SA

    When I first bought my place down Milang I wanted to grow a mango as mangoes are my all time favourite fruit. The lady at the nursery was adamant that I would have no show of growing a mango even though she had mango trees to sell, so I didn't buy one. Sometime later the Mitre 10 in the next...
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    Another question about sulphur

    As I said in my first thread I am using sulphur to fight red legged earth mite by dusting leaves. I am wondering if I could dust the soil where I have planted broad beans. I know as soon as they come up the mite will be on them like mad. So I was wondering if dusting the soil would get them...
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    Withholding period for sulphur

    I used dusting sulphur on my silver beet that was being badly attacked by red legged earth mite. Then i started to wonder whether there is a withholding period. the pack didn't say anything so would it be OK to use any time? Just have to wash the dust off.
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    Are we in for . drought?

    Down south we had a good early start to autumn but winter we've almost no rain. I've had to start watering my veggies. Also some places have got mouse plagues. The weather seems to be becoming weird last summer we had so much rain & now we are worrying we are headed for a drought
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    Rolling sheep

    Today when I went for a walk in the paddock saw one of my sheep on its side rubbing back & forth at first I thought it had gone down & could not get back up (it is a very old sheep) but then it got up lay down on the other side gave that side a rub & got up & shook itself. That's when I realized...
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    Spraying sugar onto soil

    I've been reading about spraying sugar or molasses onto the paddocks to change the life in the soil so that broadleave weeds don't grow. Sounds too good to be true. Wondering if anyone has done this & what sort of success did you have?
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    Atom tiller

    Thinking of buying a tiller. Looking at a 4 twine tiller made by Atom. I want something small because I plan is to tiller around my Lucerne plants in the paddock to seed in grasses. I looked at tillers that fit onto the end of brushcutters but they don't fit on the two brushcutters I have so I...
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    Growing native trees

    I realize this is not about growing fruit and veggies but it is about growing plants so here's my question. I have always been lead to believe that feeding native plants manures etc is bad for them, burns their roots and kills them. So why are the two fuchsia gums that are planted near my septic...
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    Liquid manure

    I make liquid manure using horse poo. I have been wondering if I would get a better product if I used chicken poo. Using it in veggie garden, orchard & for growing my pepper trees in very sandy soil
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    Break in the seatson. I hope

    We have had 35 mm so far today. So I am hoping this is the start of the autumn rains. if it is it means we have gotten through summer without having to buy any hay. The summer we have had as been very strange. First we had a very late start to the winter rains. It was July before we got any...
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    Praise for honey

    The old girl had a close encounter with the gravel road. Result she opened up her knee. Not the sort of injury that could be stitched. A very deep hole which will just have to fill in by granulation. I decided to dress it with Manuka honey. I am really impressed. I have had a similar wound...
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    The bunnies have decided my veggie garden and orchard as pretty good places to be. So has anyone got any ways of dealing with this apart from a gun or a fence? I realize I am probably dreaming but I was hoping there is a rabbit repelling herb. One can dream. If I have to end up putting a rabbit...
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    Question Anyone got any tree growing tips

    I've planted pepper trees (peppercorn tree) for shelter for the animals. They are growing OK but I would like them to grow faster. Soil is sand & I am watering them once a week & using a soluble fertilizer & seasol. I have mulched them with horse poo. Has anyone got any other ideas? I could...
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    Rabbits chewing fruit tree bark

    The rabbits have discovered my new orchard and have started chewing on the bark of the plum trees. I have sprayed the wounds and the rest of the trunk with steri-prune, a bitumen spray paint. My thinking was it will help to heal the wounds and hopefully the bitumen taste will deter the rabbits...
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    Spaghetti pumpkin

    I was given a Spaghetti pumpkin the other day & cooked it up with a tomato & veggie sauce. Really tasty & low calorie which is great as I am trying to lose some weight. So I have decided to grow some next year. My question is do spaghetti pumpkin keep as well as other pumpkins?