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    Dragon Fruit And Lady Finger

    col submitted a new Showcase Item: Dragon Fruit And Lady Finger Read more about this showcase item here...
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    Fruit Fly at it again!!!

    I decided sometime ago to concentrate on Dragon fruit after researching and reading on many forums, websites, govt information & agriculture sites.....about how the dreaded Fruit Fly do not choose Dragon Fruit or at least Dragon Fruit are not considered hosts to Fruit Fly. I guess one should not...
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    Dragon fruit in Hervey Bay

    Have a few DF vines in my backyard, seems this year the actual opening of the flowers is taking longer from when the buds first appear. Last year, around this time my 1st flush was 13 days from bud to flower. This year, around this time is 19 days from bud to flower. Out of approx. 20 something...
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    Hi from Hervey Bay

    Thanks for allowing me to join this Forum, best wishes to all......Col