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    picking my first pumpkin

    Hi everyone my name is Jake (13 years old) and i have just picked my first pumpkin yesterday And it looks ready to me. but i am going to let it set aside for a week before i make some pumpkin soup or stew or something like that. here are some photos of the first pumpkin.
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    Growing pumpkins

    Hi everyone my name is Jake am 13 and i live in Caboolture just wanting to tell you that i am growing pumpkins and they are going great, and they are quit big. so i was just telling you if you want to grow them, grow them because they are amazing and hear are some photos as well. They will also...
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    Hi my name is jake and i am a sufficient gardener and i love growing fruit especially figs. i also love self sufficient me's vides. just letting you know i am 13 years old. Kind regards Jake
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    hi i am jake and i love gardening and i love watching self sufficient me alot i am also having trouble growing tomatoes. but i have alot of figs.and i also live in Caboolture .
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    Recommend jake

    hi i love gardening and watching self sufficient me.
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    hi i love gardening and watching self sufficient me and being in his giveaways.