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    Hello from San Antonio, Texas

    Instead of boring my family with photos and stories, I’ll post them on the forum where they can be appreciated. Thanks. I needed that encouragement.
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    Hello from San Antonio, Texas

    While looking for gardening advice online I found the YouTube videos, from there he mentioned the website, and then I saw the forum link. His personality is so fun, I just kept watching the videos. I was looking for advice because so much of garden info is for cooler climates than mine and I was...
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    Comment by 'Charity' in article 'Top 6 Reasons for Keeping a Rooster in Your Flock'

    That’s so cool! I never knew roosters were good dads. Or that they checked things out before the hens to make sure its safe and how to use it, or reached food to give them. Sounds like a good husband, only he‘s got to keep a bunch of women happy. Not an easy job.
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    Dear Members - apology...

    For Mark: I must say, that I really enjoy the videos (on both channels), and then add the forum and website, and it‘s a TON of great info. I know how much work it is to keep everything documented all while keeping up the homestead. I’m glad you have been able to turn your passion into a...
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    Eat what you grow

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    Backyard to food forest

    Your place looks great. Such a huge change from the empty lot just a short time ago.
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    Eat what you grow

    I had started gardening a few years ago, but had to stop due to several things. I have picked it up again this year and am working toward providing us all our veg. We have already been able to buy less veg from the store, but my little garden runs out pretty quick. My fall crops have just began...