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    Making Tofu

    The tofu tasted great! Have since made a second batch and got a higher yield but it was not as smooth a consistency. Just a matter of practice and tweaking the method I think. Unfortunately my new found acceptance of soy milk didn't last so it's back to cows milk for now. You win some, you...
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    Cheesy Eggplant bake

    We grew two eggplant this season and I have never really known a good way to use them. So I was really chuffed to find a good recipe and we tried it out tonight. Delish! I used two medium eggplant. Cut them lengthways into slices about 5mm thick. With a ridged frying pan I cooked them on...
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    Making Tofu

    Okay not exactly curing but wasn't sure where to put this. :) I have failed in the past with my efforts at tofu making but I was determined to get it right this time......and I did.......sort of. Before, I tried to use regular soy milk bought in the supermarket rather than from scratch with...
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    Kale chips

    Hadn't thought of the potential harm to the fruit leather bases......hmm, guess you could just pop a bit of newspaper or a large oven tray underneath instead.
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    Kale chips

    I can't claim this recipe as I just read it in the latest Grass Roots magazine! But I adapted it a little and it turned out great. Ingredients: Kale - about 6 medium size leaves Rock salt Cayenne Pepper 1 clove garlic 1 tablespoon dried fried shallots 1 teaspoon vegetable oil Tear Kale...
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    All purpose Hash

    Mostly we are vegetarian. I eat only a little fish and my partner eats what I cook so he is vego by default! lol One thing that is easy to cook which uses up stuff from the vegie garden is what I call hash. It's easy, filling and yummy. The main ingredient for us is a can of sanitarium...
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    Our First attempt at Bottling Fruit

    Although my partner grew up in a household that bottled large amounts of fruit each year, it is something I have never done......until yesterday! I cannot claim that they are our own peaches as our fruit trees are just planted this year, but they were lovely peaches bought at our once a month...
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    Getting back into exercise

    Up until last August I had spent the last 7 years doing a job which was the equivalent of a three hour gym workout 6 days a week! (I worked in a thoroughbred racing stables). It was great because I never had to think about exercise - the job kept me very strong and fit. Now I have to rely on...
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    Deer Jerky

    We travel to Africa a lot and have eaten a lot of biltong. The South Africans have it done to a fine art. If you google search on making biltong you could get some great tips on how to do it. You can also buy pre-mixed biltong seasoning online.
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    Bottling/Canning Equipmment

    Have you seen They still have the American stuff but at the moment they have postage free over $150 purchase. The US pressure canners they have are very good quality and worth paying the extra for I think. Also good is that they stock replacement parts for them. They also have...
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    Starting an aquaponics project

    We are very keen to put together a simple beginners aquaponics project this year. the website is an amazing resource. I am going to follow their step by step starter instructions to get a small unit going. My SO has a work colleague who has a good set up in his...
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    Indian Runner Ducks

    We have only started keeping ducks in the last 6 months. As things happened we ended up with an adult pair of Indian Runners plus four ducklings. If you are thinking of taking on Indian Runners this has been our experience: *Unless closely hand raised, they can be quite timid, nervous and...
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    What is the best self sufficient thing you've done?

    The best self sufficient thing we have done is make the decision to make the transition to being more self reliant in as many ways as possible! :) The vegie garden was/is still the biggest achievement and an ongoing project. We cook with our own produce every day and that is a joy and a big saving.