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  1. Patty

    Recycling different stuff from the home

    ClissAT that is brilliant!
  2. Patty

    Pimento rot

    Hi Sarik. I found a reference that said bottom rot on peppers is likely due to Calcium Deficiency from lack of calcium in the soil, over watering, or mineral imbalance (excess sodium, nitrogen, potassium in the soil). But I am not familiar with your style of growing, so I cannot offer...
  3. Patty

    Question Baby Kifflers - When to not/harvest?

    Well I had to look up Kipflers! I had not heard of them before, certainly not common where I grew up in central Canada. Now I know! Always learning here, that's for sure :)
  4. Patty

    Birdseye chilli

    Sounds great! So many options. In my head I was already making a spicy mexican salsa with garlic and onion.
  5. Patty

    G'day from Redland Bay (QLD)

    Welcome! Have fun growing your soil and your food! Loads of knowledge and experience in this group.
  6. Patty

    Question Plants/herbs for pest management - potatoes

    I agree with ClissAT, I have also used the soap solution and it works quite well. Not just once, mind you. This was something I had to do weekly for about 6 weeks. Sometimes I sprayed again after a long rain. It helps a lot.
  7. Patty

    It's a drying time

    I guess having it as tea is kind of predictable, but that is my favourite
  8. Patty

    Birdseye chilli

    I'd love that in recipes! What recipes do you have for this "bum burner"?
  9. Patty

    Marks E fence video

    Oooh wild bacon! ;)
  10. Patty


    Welcome Paul. You will find a wealth of knowledge, inspiration and encouragement in this group! They are the best. Have fun with your back yard and whatever you grow!
  11. Patty

    Dragon Fruit support post design

    Great re-use of existing materials. Love it!
  12. Patty

    Dragonfruit from seeds?

    Oh yes, I can buy the fruit here. Not sure where I could buy a cutting. I may check into that. The plants look so lovely. But it sounds like it is not worth it for me to try growing my own. We plan on moving in a couple of years. There are plenty of other great plants I can grow.
  13. Patty

    I’m back

    I adore your gardens! They are so well looked after and growing beautifully!
  14. Patty

    Question Dragonfruit vine support to stop falling over

    Wow! That Dragonfruit plant looks huge!
  15. Patty

    Experiment with kale

    Well done! You can also try some herbs (if you haven't already). Many of them tolerate indoor lighting and being in pots. Chives, mint, parsley, maybe thyme and oregano. Have fun with your new garden!
  16. Patty

    Hi from Noosa

    Welcome Ola. You are right - gardening can be therapy for many people (myself included). I love seeing things sprout, flower and produce. Enjoy!
  17. Patty

    Dragonfruit from seeds?

    You all keep mentioning dragonfruit. I have seen dragonfruit here in the grocery. Is it possible to start a plant from the seeds of the ripe fruit?
  18. Patty

    I tried Ruth Stout’s No Work Gardening method

    The Chicken Compost method would be fantastic too! We did not have any chooks, but they would have been great for adding to the soil. My grandfather used to make a barrel of "tea" for his garden every year - made in a 45 gallon drum with a large cloth bag full of chicken manure in water. He...
  19. Patty

    I tried Ruth Stout’s No Work Gardening method

    We lived in a very rural bush community in central Canada for about 20 or so years where it was mostly trees and very little good arable soil. The forest was mixed with lot of coniferous trees and almost pure sand over bedrock. The shallow soil held little to no moisture at all. The climate in...
  20. Patty

    filtering by location?

    I found the climate forums. I think that is a good idea.