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  1. Mary Playford

    What vegetables do well in shade?

    Kale, lettuce...and others that I haven't thought of yet :)
  2. Mary Playford

    Growing Potatoes - SE QLD

    Mine too, yes, give it a go.
  3. Mary Playford

    Sweet Potatoes

    Robbie Very nice harvest. I think it's just the varieties, one being productive and the other lazy LOL I have three different ones: the purple skin, white meat; the white skin, some purple meat, and the rose/gold skin, gold meat. When I was young we grew the tan skin, white meat sweet...
  4. Mary Playford

    How to stop fast draining (Turned out, I didn't need to)

    It's not bad and it looks healthy enough. Maybe snip the leaves touching the ground. Give it a dose of Epsom salt drink or sprinkle a handful around the plant since its raining.
  5. Mary Playford

    Hey yall from SE Kentucky!

    Andi, Get some Birdie raised beds or one with a decent height so you can sit on a chair and work your way around the bed and not bend over.
  6. Mary Playford

    What do yall grow during summer?

    KangaBanga I am going to plant some of my tomatoes under my fruit trees next season. The shade cloth is a good idea, I am thinking of doing that too.
  7. Mary Playford

    What do yall grow during summer?

    Tonytony Pumpkins, watermelons, sweet potatoes' red cabbage...
  8. Mary Playford

    Starting the journey..........

    JoshW You are fine either way. I do both if I feel it needs mulching. You see we are coming into winter and you don't need to mulch as you do in spring or summer. Most do it in winter to suppress the weeds. Mulch in summer is for the same reason and to retain moisture or to cover the ground...
  9. Mary Playford


    Dione And, PREPPERS got it right preparing for times like now. I know most Americans are more into it than us Aussies. But after this recent global issue, most Aussies will be more prepared. When I started canning I came across preppers that talk about this kind of stuff. I started buying extra...
  10. Mary Playford

    I tried Ruth Stout’s No Work Gardening method

    I love Ruth's story. Some call it the 'no-dig' method by not disturbing the ground. And, with some, they add compost instead of the hay.
  11. Mary Playford

    Question which method

    Both. I bought the Masontops complete fermentation kit and it comes with the pickle pipes. They are great and less fuss. You pop it on and leave it alone.
  12. Mary Playford

    Seeking advice

    Melanie Over the years, I have heard people make them but I never asked for a recipe. Check youtube for one.
  13. Mary Playford

    Honeysuckle Tea

    Interesting. I have never thought of that..thank you for sharing your recipe.
  14. Mary Playford

    alternative to steel lids for preserving

    Join this group on Facebook and they have a link for lids that you can buy online that fits all kinds of jars. Some commercial jars like pasta sauces you can reuse the lids and works great when you water bath. This group uses safe preserving/canning practices. Just ask in the group...
  15. Mary Playford

    Problem weeds everywhere!

    Watch Charles Dowding's No Dig videos on Youtube. He makes it easy to deal with weeds.
  16. Mary Playford

    New here from Pennsylvania

    Welcome, V8srfun I look forward to updates on what you have growing in your new beds :)
  17. Mary Playford

    How to stop fast draining (Turned out, I didn't need to)

    Don't worry amending the whole bed, just fix each spot you grow something in and add more organic matter as you go. I think Mark had the same problem a while back when he tops up his new beds. He was not happy with the soil he bought because it lacks the organic matter.
  18. Mary Playford


    It's warming up over there so they should be good to go. Your seeds need warmth to germinate and light to grow. A trick I use when trying to germinate seeds early is to pop a plastic bag over the seeds to create that greenhouse environment or put a card box over it and once germinated you take...
  19. Mary Playford

    Its Garlic Planting Time

    One of the easiest things to grow. I usually pop them in here, there and everywhere in my garden :)