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    21 Days Eating Only What We Can Grow

    watched the last video... Nina was awesome... Got the fermented tomatoes recipe up yet?
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    Eat what you grow

    This past 3 or 4 months I think people have realised the importance of community. For all the negatives that we are shown the experience of my local community is a coming together emotionally and supporting each other as needed. Last time that happened was during the aftermath of a cyclone and...
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    Eat what you grow

    This is cane harvesting season. The cut cane often spills onto the side of the road and I think I might pick up a few pieces and grow it then I can have sugar. It's really easy to crush and get sugar syrup from. Also a stevia plant will definitely give you sweetener to use in your cooking...
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    Sweet Potato Leaf turn weird

    Got a picture of the back of the leaf?
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    bug on lemon tree

    Looks like black bean aphid.
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    Problem Tomato wilt

    I am contemplating making fly screen convers for my raised beds to keep the beetles out this year. I will share a photo of the damage they have done to a flower garden in an old wheelbarrow and i want my new birdies beds to stay free from the grubs. I am moving to my new place over Christmas...
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    Problem Tomato wilt

    I throw them into the stack of cane bales I usually have piled up somewhere where they can eat happily.
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    Aussie Native Edible Plants that Made it into our Gardens

    Great article. My new garden is in three categories. Native Edible Cactus/succulent Although there will be a private moon garden off the bedroom and a flower meadow over the septic field.... amazing how many native flowers there are for a meadow!
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    Problem Tomato wilt

    Hi Dan Curl grubs are the larval stage of a beetle.... so yep a curl grub. The bleeding heart that I am I could not kill these beautiful creatures as they grow into the giant rhino beetle..... however I will give this method a go as so long as they move on I will be happy. I wonder if I...
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    Organic soil issues

    How deep are your beds? Mark has done an awesome video on this topic. It is easier to fill with large organic matter on the bottom and go buy some good quality potting mix for the top. I would think that native soil to fill in between the large organic matter on the bottom would be OK. I...
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    Question Asking for your 2 cents worth-potatoes in containers

    I grew potatoes from my cupboard in a grow bag last year with great success. The bag was probably a bit bigger than your buckets.
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    Problem Tomato wilt

    I had fusarium wilt on one plant and the one next to it was fine and after pulling it the good one had stayed healthy. I have also had a caterpillar inside the stem and as it went through the main stem one branch would die off at a time. In saying that, in another bed all of the plants were...
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    I have Zuccs that looked just like these but also powdery mildew which in my climate hits everything possible. I hit them with eco-fungicide and in that spray bottle I also use seaweed powder, a full trace element fertilizer, eco-oil, eco-neem. Fixed everything over night..... except for...
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    Potato Harvest

    Nice work. Is blight a problem for you?
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    Native Stingless Bees

    Oh. I love these amazing bees. I have a hive that sprung up under an upturned rubbish bin that I flipped over so rain would not gather in it. Mine do a swarm maybe every three months. I don't think they are always a takeover but maybe a threat if one or a new colony taking off to a new hive.
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    Tip How to grow avocado tree in clay soil to prevent root rot fungus

    Lol.. yes I know they grow huge.... but I'm a renter and want to take it with me when I move. I did see one that had been in a pot for three years and it did well so I figured nothing ventured nothing gained. The plant was $20 and the pot $5 so worth taking a gamble!
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    Tip How to grow avocado tree in clay soil to prevent root rot fungus

    I got a large inner plastic drum from a washing machine at my dump for my icecream bean tree and so far it has been great. Was cheap and I have tape I am going to use to wrap it to help keep it from deteriorating in the sun and protect the roots. If it thrives I will invest in a better planter...
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    Biggest Avocado in the world would you buy one?

    I buy these every year and they are great. Very creamy and I make guacamole. I find there are less insect damage on them too. Is it because of the variety or the care they get I'm not sure. Worth trying. If they are available I will get one and post pics
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    Potato Seed Pods / Nodules?

    Potatoes grow from the stem and as your stems grow you can pile up the soil to encourage more potatoes. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that if you piled up dirt those noodles would turn into potatoes.
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    Bamboo trellis and grow bags

    I have giant bamboo in my backyard and decided to put it to good use. I also am trialling grow bags. I am gardening on top of grey water and septic systems and after 2 years I think the spot where I am growing actually has a lot of stones and cracker dust close to the surface and they heat up...