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    Raised Quail Cage Hutch Made From Kids Swing Set With Auto Drinker

    Hi Mark. The feeding system you have for the Guinea Pig hutch quail house looks great. Just wondering if they waste much with their habit of flicking food. Also can quail poo go straight on the garden if it's mixed with lucerne in their bedding? I'd assume it needs composting like chicken poo.
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    Comment by 'Ann@Monto' in item 'Bee Keeping'

    Hi Shellie. You should be able to let the bees make their own queen if you have eggs/larvae under three days old. Queens are available from a place at Gympie for $25. I'm researching bees at the moment with a view to getting a hive in the next few weeks. Here's a link to websites that sell...
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    Can anybody tell me what these are

    Are the plants growing in commercial potting mix. If they are, the little round balls look like slow release fertiliser to me.
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    Feeding Coturnix quail video

    Hi Mark. I've watched this upload a few times (over the last couple of years LOL), and I now have 40 quail eggs in my incubator. The half a dozen I've candled are all developing. I don't have any quail food, however have enough time to get some ordered in (eggs are at day 6). Just wondering...
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    Abusive quail.

    Just wondering what ratio of hens to roosters you have? Is there somewhere the hens can hide (like a pipe or some grasses etc). I found a chicken helmet when looking for feed trays for my chickens. Don't know if they'd be too big for quail, I image they would. Is it just one male who is...
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    Tip Chooks scratching the mulch away from under garden trees

    Great to see you're thinking like a chook. :-) I placed large reo wire around a section I couldn't board, they couldn't scratch as it wasn't as fulfilling for them. They had plenty of other areas to scratch. I've moved from there and the tenant who lives there has a dog who ripped all the...
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    Veg Showcase Spinach - Baby Leaf

    I grow this variety as well. I haven't used it much to cook with or make salads, I just "graze" while I'm watering. Spoils go to the grower. ;)
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    Mixing gardening with beer

    Yes I was following "RickVanman" on YouTube. He was so funny and very candid about his cluelessness, but his mum got sick I think and he stopped doing uploads. Very funny though.
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    No dig pallet veggie garden

    No, definitely not a one off. I made a small herb one yesterday, I'm not into chipping out dirt and bending down weeding anymore. Very space saving too, although we have more room than ever. Hubby bought me a drill and a drill bit set, I'm stoked. Have put it to good use already. The...
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    No dig pallet veggie garden

    I've been thinking about making an upright pallet garden and finally convinced hubby it's a good idea. Anyway here's piccys of the end result (before tweaking it - which I'm still in the process of doing). I didn't factor in just how much the soil would settle. It's sunk at least a foot...
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    Synthetic grass/turf around my vegetable garden

    Looks awesome. I always get slack and don't whipper snipper around the edges and the couch takes over. Oh well we're not living in that house anymore.
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    Mixing gardening with beer

    Couldn't help but smile watching this guy. And I definitely agree, he can't pour a beer. Maybe they like a big frothy head in Canada. Very infectious feel good type of guy. Guinness, nom nom nom! ! ! !
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    No name 48 egg incubator (JN 848?) automatic turner not working

    Yes tried both. Just turning by hand now and I have an extra thermometer (with hygrometer) inside to check humidity and temp. Temp is very stable. I think the turning issue maybe something not seated properly in the tray. Oh well don't want to fiddle with it now. Just grateful it's working...
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    Rains clearing, suns peeking out, incubator humming away. All's good with the world.

    Rains clearing, suns peeking out, incubator humming away. All's good with the world.
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    WIN in June Competition (General Knowledge)

    Hubby agree's with you totally Steve. I'm still snoozing when he leaves for work before 6 and it's just about dark at 5:15 when he gets home. Oh well on the positive, the winter solstice is behind us so it's all down hill into summer which means more growth in veggie gardens, spring lambs...
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    Chinese "no name" Egg Incubators

    Aaaarrrhhh. Just lifted JN8-48 incubator to turn eggs (egg turner not working properly) and snapped one of the three prongs that the power cable goes into (should've unplugged it but didn't). Panicked, called electrician, sat whole incubator in front of fire with a blanket over. All fixed and...
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    G'day from Queensland

    Yes Wuruma is a lovely spot. We were living in Nanango for 4 years when the 2010/11 floods happened. Wuruma was accidentally stocked with Barramundi over a decade ago, much to the delight of the anglers. They all died when the dam dried up around 2008, people were just picking them up by hand...
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    How to stop chicken eating her own eggs?

    Yes, Stevo, I've heard both sides of the "feeding egg shells" debate. An old timer I used to live next door to insisted you should NEVER EVER feed egg shells, not even putting them in the compost in case the chooks scratched them up. However, a lot of people are now feeding egg shells back to...
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    G'day from Queensland

    Thanks so much for the lovely welcome Mark. I have left a post (a question) in the JN8-48 incubator thread. Yes horse poo is a boon for the citrus trees and veggie garden. My daughter sells them at the gate for $3 a bag so we always have a few dollars cash around for school lunches etc. Very...
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    How to stop chicken eating her own eggs?

    Two reasons a chook will eat it's eggs. Either it's learned behaviour or deficient in something. I give egg eaters the chop, as other hens can start it as well.
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