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  1. Grandmother Goose

    1500’s Gardening Manual

    I'm going to save that one for later, because I'm fascinated not only by the content but the language. Reading and understanding 16th Century English I can do and I love it, but I have to be in the right mind frame to do it.
  2. Grandmother Goose

    Recommend Electroculture

    There are other factors between terracotta and plastic pots to consider, such as water retention. If you really want to do an experiment with this, get 12 pots exactly the same size, colour and material. Fill them with the same potting mix, and put one seed of the same type from the same seed...
  3. Grandmother Goose

    Breeding ER Rabbit Kindling Soon

    Best of luck to you with the bunnies. From your photos, enthusiasm, and activity here it looks like you'll be a great fit. Welcome to your new internet home. :twothumbsup:
  4. Grandmother Goose

    SelfSufficiant Gardenventure in eastern Germany

    That's a lot of work, I'm exhausted just looking at it all. Well done.
  5. Grandmother Goose

    Recommend Electroculture

    You're right, I didn't read the book, I don't have access to a copy of it. I just listened to the videos you linked, or at least tried to, whilst doing other things, and I'm sure I missed a number of pertinent points, so if my tongue in cheek comment about electrifying plants angers you, I'm...
  6. Grandmother Goose

    April Fools! Post your best self sufficient jokes here!

    The fun things about being a gardener... No one cares if you have a leek in your back yard. You actually want someone to give you a truckload of bulls**t. Being dirty isn't a bad thing. You can get a root with a hand spade, and it's not weird. You can dig with hoes without getting a negative...
  7. Grandmother Goose

    how much does Solar cost to get started?

    There's a lot of variables and every electricity company has widely different ways of billing and different rates per kW. Some charge high monthly base rates and low per kW rates, others are vice versa, they all have fixed and flexible plans, and trying to figure out which one is the best deal...
  8. Grandmother Goose

    Raspberries - This is our raspberry thread

    If you want answers sooner than you might find here, maybe search around the internet/youtube for people that are growing cane berries of any kind (raspberries, blackberries, dewberries, etc) in places with similar climate conditions, look up world climate maps like this one...
  9. Grandmother Goose

    Native Bee Hives couple months after the split

    Well done. I wish I could have them where I am, but I'm outside their official range and so bringing a hive here might not go well.
  10. Grandmother Goose

    Raspberries - This is our raspberry thread

    I'll be able to answer that in about 2 years time, but if you decide to some experimental raspberry growing and get results before I do, I'd love to hear how it turned out.
  11. Part 5: How to use Mint.

    Fruit & Vegetables How to use Herbs, Spices, and Seasonings in Cooking. | Part 5: How to use Mint.

    There are around two dozen species of mint, with many more dozens of cultivars, which have hundreds of different names in English alone. Spearmint, peppermint, chocolate mint, and apple mint are the most common known and grown at home. Some plants that are given a name that includes the word...
  12. Grandmother Goose

    Recommend Electroculture

    When electricity was discovered and people started learning how to create and use it, all sorts of experiments were done to see what it could be used for, and some of them were pretty weird, and that has never really stopped and people are still doing weird stuff with electricity just to see...
  13. Grandmother Goose

    Fig Tree. Am i doing this right?

    If the original tree was 100 years old, your chances of the original tree not being grafted (and thus the piece you have will grow up to be the same as the rest of the original tree) are much higher than it would be from a modern nursery purchased tree. Most fruit trees nowadays are grown from...
  14. Grandmother Goose

    using wood ash from fire place or fire pit in compost?

    Another use for wood ash, especially if you've been burning hardwoods, is to create lye, which is used for making soap. In compost it should be fine as it'll mix in with everything else and break down like everything else. Same goes for coffee grounds in compost. Just keep straight up ash away...
  15. Grandmother Goose

    Humane Poultry Killer (from Morrigan)

    I do my best to never assume anything about anyone, and in saying that, I couldn't assume anyone that reads this, now or in the far future knew more than I was aware of. I think it's worse to assume someone knows something than to assume they don't. If it turns out they do know more, good for...
  16. Grandmother Goose

    TURN Children’s PLAY GYM into Something USEFUL

    I'm currently using an old rusted out water tank as a giant compost storage barrel. I've seen small animal pens and dog kennels made from the A-frames of old swing sets; as well as old cubby houses and water tanks used for the same purpose, by former neighbours. One of my friends has used old...
  17. Grandmother Goose

    Aussie Bush Tucker - An Introduction to Common Native Foods of Australia

    "Australian rural children are also well aware of the effects of suddenly stuffing several open pods down the back of someone's shirt." This I can confirm! Just seeing the photos of the open seed pods gives me the itchies!
  18. Grandmother Goose

    Hi all

    Greetings and welcome to the most kind and friendly forum on the internet. Hey Elsa, Antarctica wishes to disagree with your position. :ROFL:
  19. Grandmother Goose

    hello from the uk

    Ah the good ol' debate about who's got the most chill weather. Never ceases to amuse me. There's two things to consider if you ever want to win that debate: 1. Humidity. There's a good reason why deserts are often said to feel colder than an area covered in several feet of snow in winter...
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