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  1. Cobbadiggabuddyblooo

    Gardening Birdies raised beds

    Gidday Mark or Mandy, I recall on one of your videos, you mentioned about Birdies raised garden beds. Was there a 5% discount on these beds when mentioning “ Self Sufficient Me “?? Beds to be build will be at Narangba so within SE Qld. Cheers Brian
  2. Cobbadiggabuddyblooo

    Bunya Nut season again

    Chicken Curry tonight so they went in with the beans and carrot as a part of the vege mix instead of potato. Tasted beautiful and bunya nut can be used as a replacement for pasta too.
  3. Cobbadiggabuddyblooo

    Bunya Nut season again

    It’s that time of the year in SE Queensland with a number of the neighbours with Bunya Nut trees. Photos show the nut that’s fallen from the trees , the seed pod begins to flake apart and Janet breaks open the husk to remove the seed shell. She then boils them for 20/30minutes and cracks open...
  4. Cobbadiggabuddyblooo

    Question What are your plans this Christmas (and how is your garden involved)?

    Janet and I will be spending Xmas in the front yard with the chooks... lol Because we’ll be sitting down to eat we’ll have to social distance from the chooks tho as they are fully vaxed but we aren’t. 😂 😆 My god do you know how hard it is to fit a mask on a chook...
  5. Cobbadiggabuddyblooo


    More so the possums into the fruit here
  6. Cobbadiggabuddyblooo

    Egg bound chook

    Noticed one of the chooks wasn’t quite its self the last couple of days. Even to the stage that 2 nights ago she didn’t go back into the coop with the rest but attempted to roost on the hand railing by the back door. Last 2 days I was 1 or 2 eggs short and was in a rush this morning and noticed...
  7. Cobbadiggabuddyblooo

    Garlic 2021 season

    Don’t use DDT on those pests. Try the organic one DAD I find they seem to respond well to that... 😂
  8. Cobbadiggabuddyblooo

    Chicken feed crumbling

    Only have 6 chooks and 7 x 20kg bags is free shipping . So that’s about 8 months worth of food as they free range all day and get their treats each day too. 😆 But boy do they do as their told. Amazing what a little meat each day can do. They hear me calling they come running even if they sneak...
  9. Cobbadiggabuddyblooo

    Chicken feed crumbling

    Cheers David. I noticed Mount Mee is not in their catchment for deliveries but I found a mobile number to contact them for information on shelf life , other options or produce outlets that may stock their premium mix.
  10. Cobbadiggabuddyblooo

    Chicken feed crumbling

    Hello all. Of late I’ve found the bags of 20kg Riverina Stockfeed laying pelletS I’ve purchased , quite a lot is just dust. Anyone else had the same issue or can recommend a chook feed available in Queensland that managed to hold itself in pellet form???
  11. Cobbadiggabuddyblooo

    Last nights storms

    More of the same I fear the next couple of days Kathryn. Hope you can resurrect some of the plants. My cucumbers and zucchini where peppered last week by the hail but the cucumbers 🥒 held in there and are coming along ok again.
  12. Cobbadiggabuddyblooo

    Last nights storms

    Top of Mount Mee is where in the little clear patch underneath the letter B ( Caboolture )
  13. Cobbadiggabuddyblooo

    Last nights storms

    Just like you Helen, a lot of noise and passed within a whisker of us. Yet Darryl’s farm about 400m away I could see it bucketing down . Because we are right on top of the mountain we often see the same thing the rains coming from the west / NW. Different story from the South East tho and we’ll...
  14. Cobbadiggabuddyblooo

    Permaculture Food Forest Here you go Dragon Lady, a closer look at how I’ve managed to get 3 peach, 3 plum, 4 apple trees in an area 10m x 3m. The large peach tree under netting down the end with the chook pen underneath was already established When I bought the...
  15. Cobbadiggabuddyblooo

    Last nights storms

    More again today . Good weather for Ducks down your way Mark. Oh hang on you don’t have any more . 😆 😆 oops 😬 wow just as well I checked the spelling before I posted. Both vowels U and I are side by side on the keyboard.
  16. Cobbadiggabuddyblooo

    Last nights storms

    How did you all fair in last nights storm cells passing through SE Qld?? Was a brilliant light show up here and then I could hear it coming from the south west like a freight train 1-2 minutes before it hit. Hail for the first couple of minutes and 20mm of rain in the first 20minutes. Zucchini...
  17. Cobbadiggabuddyblooo

    Permaculture Food Forest

    I have sir Walter in and around my gardens too and it’s very hearty and should override any other variety over time that tries to encroach. Very resilient to all types of weather and hopefully once in place should hold the structure of your topsoil in place. The orchard area as I like to call...
  18. Cobbadiggabuddyblooo

    Grow Potatoes in a Cardboard Box

    Shouldn’t have a problem with soil drying out for a little while now Mandy with the amount of rain over this past few days.. Had 97mm in the last 24 hrs up here with 60 odd mm falling with 30 minutes up on the Mountain.
  19. Cobbadiggabuddyblooo

    New Project - Could send me to the insane asylum

    Great job mate. There are some farmers down in New SouthWales here in Oz who have taken a similar approach and have planted original grasses and bushes near the Murray River and they all work at retaining the goodness in the soil structure and filtering so the run off going back into the river...
  20. Cobbadiggabuddyblooo

    Grow Potatoes in a Cardboard Box

    Have some spuds in with the sweet potato and tapioca . Put all the root crops in 1 bed . Planted some cardboard too Mandy and hopefully will fruit boxes but I have a suspicion it’s an egg carton variety... 😆
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