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    Wow, thanks for taking the time to post these recipes; some of my favorite foods are unavailable to me here unless I make them from scratch, and many newer recipes are based on prepared foods 😁 Hate to see information get "out-cycled" that might prove to be important!!! Like pickle recipes!!!!
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    Freezing Avocados

    Hi Kasalia! I live in Guatemala and have learned to freeze avocados by mashing them , adding a slight squeeze of lime or lemon, and storing in a Ziploc baggie in the freezer. They thaw green and work well for guacamole or whatever. Did you know that you can substitute avocado puree for butter in...
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    Night-blooming cereus (Dragon fruit)

    We have dragon fruit as well, here in Guatemala; our fruiting season is usually about June and July -- lovely soft fruit with tangy, flavorful little seeds.
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    Hola from Guatemala via the Pacific NW
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    New member moderation rules

    Okay...I don't think I know yet how to post a link anyhow😆😆😆
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