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  1. Mandy Onderwater

    using wood ash from fire place or fire pit in compost?

    Ahah, oops. I've been a little unwell lately, so I made a slip up. You are right. Cheers for the correction :)
  2. Mandy Onderwater

    using wood ash from fire place or fire pit in compost?

    I'm not entirely sure on this topic as I can't use my ashes in my garden (as granndad likes to burn plastic in the same pile - sigh). But I believe that manure and wood ash compliment eachother well, as both individually could change the soil's PH. Personally I would invest in a soil PH meter...
  3. Mandy Onderwater

    Hello from Urs in Brisbane Valley

    Welcome to the forum @Urs ! Haha, I bet the animals love snacking on your plants if they get the opportunity. When I first started my plants were struggling too - turns out my soil was no good! I invested in some good soil for my potted plants and suddenly they thrive! Now I've got plants that...
  4. Mandy Onderwater

    Question [POLL] New year, new content

    What @Lunai said, @Urs . And I also recommend;
  5. Mandy Onderwater

    What did you harvest today? Megathread

    As all my seedlings died during my holiday October/November, I haven't got anything to show sadly. But I did start new seedlings and if all goes well, will have plenty this upcoming Autumn and Winter. I am mostly excited for Winter though, as I want to grow lettuce, spinach, and other...
  6. Mandy Onderwater

    SelfSufficiant Gardenventure in eastern Germany

    Looks like both you and nature herself are working equally hard to get growing again. Look at those little buds 😍 Good catch on the compost. I don't think I'd recognise issues myself. Perhaps because I've never made compost in the past. I am interested in it, but I doubt that starting it...
  7. Mandy Onderwater

    Restarting my garden in containers!

    😍 Looks amazing! Love the reuse of plastic bottles - I've used them too and it works so well!
  8. Mandy Onderwater

    New composite boxes for the Euro Bee's and just got 6 empty native hives omg

    Oh I love that! What are the yellow shutters for? Is that for moving them?
  9. Mandy Onderwater

    In the pursuit of freedom

    It's part of the reason why I try to grow new cuttings frequently, so that I can spread the love. I already have the plant growing, why not share it for free? Spread the love? I have plenty, so others may as well enjoy it too.
  10. Mandy Onderwater

    Why Keeping Chickens is a "BAD" Idea | World Egg Crisis

    We have no forestry, really. Just some cows in our backpaddock. I was hoping to maybe get chooks in the future, when I produce more and hence produce more scraps that they can eat. To top that... my biggest pest issues are grasshoppers (and fruit flies in Summer). Hope they might chase those...
  11. Mandy Onderwater

    Why Keeping Chickens is a "BAD" Idea | World Egg Crisis

    I'd love to keep chooks, but I'm afraid there's too many snakes around here and I can't affort snake-proofing. That, and I live on a highway. A flat chook is no good. What are all of your experiences? :)
  12. Mandy Onderwater

    Why Keeping Chickens is a "BAD" Idea | World Egg Crisis

    Do you keep chooks? What are your experiences?
  13. Mandy Onderwater

    Tahitian Lime Tree

    Very much an option. If that's the case it should spring right back up once the weather levels out a bit again.
  14. Mandy Onderwater

    Shed Drainage turned into alittle more

    Haha awesome, love it when things are a labor of love. It looks lovely 😍
  15. Mandy Onderwater

    Tahitian Lime Tree

    Hiya @Lowe . There are many reasons as to why this could happen. Firstly I usually check for pests and/or diseases. Secondly, has the weather suddenly changed? I've got a potted citrus tree, and I've learnt that they can drop leaves during heat and/or water stress.
  16. Mandy Onderwater

    Welcome to the forum @cypherpittsburgh

    Welcome to the forum @cypherpittsburgh
  17. Mandy Onderwater

    Motorised wheelbarrows

    I don't have any experience with those sadly, but I did hear good things in the oast ariund motorised wheelbarrows. Well, epsiecally those with a little step on the back, so you don't have to walk anymore either, when it's at least semi-balanced (as the step also had wheels, to take some of your...
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