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  1. DragonLady

    How to Make the BEST Worcestershire (Woozy) Sauce | Recipe

    Just letting you know that the proper way to shorten the name of the sauce is wooshy ;)🤣🤣🤣
  2. DragonLady

    Sunflower seeds

    I tried roasting them inside the shells so that they would be firmer and easier to crack. I tried the rolling pin method from Google, it was crap lol I'll have to try the bowl method... if it doesn't work I'll get some good muscles from it I suppose; I have been rather slack on the exercise...
  3. DragonLady

    Sunflower seeds

    Ok what's the easy way to creak open a heap of sunflower seeds? Google hacks are dodgy 😆
  4. DragonLady

    Macadamia nuts

    Wow I just learnt so much. Thank you :)
  5. DragonLady

    Fort Yeah MF - build thread.

    It looks great Josh. Merry christmas :)
  6. DragonLady


    We have terrible trouble with bats and possums eating our fruit. I didn't realise that you could pick mangoes early... Is there a specific time that I should pick? When do I know when to pick a mango so that it isn't too early and the fruit doesn't ripen off the tree but not too late that the...
  7. DragonLady

    Question What are your plans this Christmas (and how is your garden involved)?

    We'll be chillin' like villains at home with the kids :) nothing planned, we don't have family except my partners dad but he'll be at his daughters this Christmas. I suppose we could probably do a beach trip or something. I'm planning on getting some garden soil delivered over the next week so...
  8. DragonLady

    Permaculture book

    Hey! I've just come across this site to download a free permaculture book. It looks fantastic!
  9. DragonLady

    Last nights storms

    We got a good drenching and light show last night :) Haven't checked the plants out yet cos I'm still waking up and haven't dragged myself outside yet lol
  10. DragonLady

    I Grew Potatoes 3 Ways to See What Method Is Best?

    that's a lot of potato plants! I reckon I could eat all them in about 2 weeks lol Yes, when did you plant them?
  11. DragonLady

    Last nights storms

    We got a good light show and a little bit of rain but nothing much more than that. We are in Burpengary.
  12. DragonLady

    Permaculture Food Forest

    I just had a look at espalier plants on google and that looks really interesting, it would be good to see it in action :)
  13. DragonLady

    Permaculture Food Forest

    I'm a relatively new gardener and have recently come across the concept of permaculture. We have a 1/2 acre block with the house at the front 3rd, lawn in the middle third, and LOTS of different established exotic fruit trees (around 20 years old) in the back 3rd of our property. Underneath the...
  14. DragonLady

    Grow Potatoes in a Cardboard Box

    Down the hill we've had so much rain that our front and back yards have turned into a creek :p It's been nice not having dry lawn though. I can't believe the amount of seeds that have sprouted with little sunlight and the growth of our plants. Liquid gold the rain is, nothing can beat it, you...
  15. DragonLady

    Comment by 'DragonLady' in media 'Snapchat-518273472.jpg'

    Holy Moly! That is crazy! Great job!!!
  16. DragonLady

    Recommended reading

    I might have to put these on my wish list :D
  17. DragonLady

    When is the best time to water your garden?

    lol! I would love ducks or chickens but we have way too many animals getting around our joint. We also have way too many eastern browns and carpet pythons getting around for my liking and I don't fancy owning more attractants lol
  18. DragonLady

    Recommended reading

    wow that sounds like it has everything you could need in it!
  19. DragonLady

    Hello from Colville, Washington USA

    Hi Norma! Thank you for sharing your travels with us. I look forward to hearing more from you and how your carport comes along :)
  20. DragonLady

    Some new lay-dies

    We have tried rice hulls for our quails and find that as soon as they get wet they just stick together and go gluggy and gross, they don't dry back out, just turn to mush. They might be ok for the nesting boxes or if your chooks are in a spot that doesn't get rain or water run off.
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