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  1. KunipshunFit

    USA source for Rosella seeds?

    Hey there. Does anyone have a source in the USA for Rosella seeds? I can only find them listed on ebay and Amazon. The Ebay listings have no reviews, and the Amazon listings don't induce a lot of confidence in the seeds being correct, or viable. Followup question. Would anyone from...
  2. KunipshunFit

    Weeping Willow needs some oomph

    My wifes favorite tree is a weeping willow. It reminds her of her late father. So last year for our anniversary I got her one and planted it dead center of the front yard in hopes for it to be a focal point. Currently this is its status. So my question is... if I cut this thing back (in...
  3. KunipshunFit

    To separate or not... that is the question

    Ive planted two 4" pots of green okra into my garden. Each one now has 3 solid stalks. Ive been told both to separate them, and also the opposite. Both people touting higher yields and healthier plants. What say you? They are all almost certainly different plants.
  4. KunipshunFit

    How to stop fast draining (Turned out, I didn't need to)

    UPDATE: Turns out that my soil was not too fast draining and all it needed was a healthy layer of mulch on it. Now this thread is my garden log for this season! Hey all, new here. We've just built our first raised bed and fear we've made a classic mistake. The soil you can see pictured...
  5. KunipshunFit

    Heyo from Louisiana

    Hey you guys!! I recently found Marks youtube channel, after starting our first raised bed garden this year. I fear we have made a huge mistake. Hoping to help find the answers here!! Thanks for havin me!