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  1. Tony Baker

    Another good harvest

    With another 13 to come. Good thing my little grandson has developed a taste for them. We've given a lot away to neighbor's as well which is a good thing given these weird times.
  2. Tony Baker

    Returning home soon...

    Folks I'm returning home at the end of April. My vege garden has been slightly neglected while I've been away. What can I plant in May in a sub-tropical area (Laidley)? Would it be to late for garlic?
  3. Tony Baker

    Dragon fruit harvest

    My wife sent me this pic this morning. Sadly I can eat any....:mad:
  4. Tony Baker

    Marks E fence video

    Just watched the Elec Fence video Mark. Someone need to get a bow...nice bit of pork running around your place.;)
  5. Tony Baker

    Great youyube channel for those that want to DIY it

    For anyone that want to learn how to cut up and process their own meat check out Scott Rea.
  6. Tony Baker

    21 years ago.....

    I planted a seed (so to speak) and it grew into a strong sapling. Over the years I watched that sapling grow into a young tree. Now that young tree has fruited. Yesterday my first grandson was born. :cheer:;) A 7 pounder named Samuel.:yahoo:
  7. Tony Baker

    Turmeric and Ginger

    Harvested a couple of grow bags and pots. Check out my Turmeric and ginger pile. Also got a few sweet potato's. Still have two more pots of Turmeric to harvest. The ginger was added to a nice little leg of wild pork along with mini egg plant from the patch. Turning it into some pulled pork...
  8. Tony Baker

    A wander through the patch

    Having a play with the GoPro and thought I'd take a stroll through "Hungry Acres". Sound is a little ordinary and its not a polished production like Marks video's;)
  9. Tony Baker

    The patch this morning

    Some pictures from my mornings wanderings. Very dry here and I have to put the tank back on the Ute and cart some more water today. Its been a struggle keeping the garden kicking over. My dragon fruit are getting hit by the bee's so fingers crossed I get some fruit from them. Kangkong and...
  10. Tony Baker

    Interesting web site I found.

    And some good info on growing fruit tree's in pots in the video section.
  11. Tony Baker

    I'm off corn

    Got some open pollinated seed and planted them out. Pumping the water into them but just can't keep up. Cobs are looking pretty ordinary. Being on tank water I just can't justify the water I use for them. I may try again in a wicking bed but won't be doing them in a raised bed again.
  12. Tony Baker

    Intro- Hi from Laidley

    Hello all, I'm new here and thought I'd better introduce my self. We live in the Lockyer Valley SEQ, on 2.5 acres that I'm slowly developing. I've made some mistakes and have a heap to do but hey, that's half the fun. I'm 47 and have been a Dog Handler in the RAAF for going on 25 years now. I...