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    Breaking bad with Chillies

    Letting the plant get stressed from lack of water and it wilts before you water it again. That’s what makes the peppers hotter. Keeping them well watered or using a self watering container can reduce the heat of some peppers. Part shade can also reduce heat stress on the plants and keep them...
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    More ants in my backyard than people on earth!

    Regular white vinegar poured over the nest works. Rough cut corn meal (grits) is a folk remedy. Sprinkle some over and around the nest. Keeping the area extremely wet works well. They will move somewhere dry if you keep hosing them down.
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    Plants to deter mozzies

    There are so many different mosquito types that what works for one doesn’t work for another. I’ve tried all types of plants, essential oils and such. They don’t work where I live. Even the military grade chemical sprays like DEET only work if you saturate yourself all over. The mosquitoes...
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    Question Deer Fencing Experiences

    The white tail deer are everywhere where I live in Central Texas. A lot of the neighbors feed them kitchen scraps and dried corn. They eat anything including dog and cat food left outside. They will eat out of your hands. I’ve fed them apples and bananas. When food is scarce they actually...
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    Question Realities of Compositing

    I have mine near some trees for some shade while turning it. If I leave it too long unturned the trees will sneak their roots into the compost pile and steal the nutrients. They are hard to cut out of the compost. I put down some pavers on the ground to discourage the trees from getting in...
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    Herb & Spice Showcase Garlic

    We had 6.5 inches/16.5 CM of rain two days ago with more to come. I was concerned that the garlic would rot. I decided to harvest it early. Some did have a few rotten outer layers but still good. There were a lot of little bulbs on the outside of the main one. Not sure if I will eat them or...
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    anyone make their own pets food?

    I pressure cook fried chicken bones and egg shells for an hour with a cup or so of water in my Instapot. Let it cool down naturally till the float drops. I then cut the bones into small pieces with kitchen shears. Finally, I use the blender to grind them up like a smoothie. The puppy loves...
  8. Milkweed For Butterflies

    Milkweed For Butterflies

    Here are some pictures of Monarch caterpillars eating the native Antelope Horn milkweed. I avoid the plants with the lawn mower. Spring mowing doesn’t happen till the blue bonnets have seeded and the Monarch butterflies have finished eating the milkweed.
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    Milkweed For Butterflies

    Wanda submitted a new Showcase Item: Milkweed For Butterflies Read more about this showcase item here...
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    What has changed in your life in the last few weeks?

    The fig cuttings I’ve propagated. Any ideas in the variety? I got the original tree in a pot from my neighbor.
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    What are you harvesting/picking?

    It’s been a few years, does your garden still look as good?
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    picking my first pumpkin

    Did you eat it yet? I’d cut it into 1/2s or 1/4s and bake it. Rub with some olive oil, salt and pepper cook it for 45 minutes to an hour. Mmmmmmm
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    What has changed in your life in the last few weeks?

    I’m taking Calcium,Magnesium and Zinc with D3. If I skip a day I get vicious leg cramps at night. I also take a B vitamin complex, it helps with, stress, depression and overall mood enhancement. I’m a big fan of ginger in all forms. Tea, candied, crushed, grated and ground up. It helps with...
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    What has changed in your life in the last few weeks?

    My Mother is elderly, a diabetic, has heart disease, and kidney problems. She cannot afford to catch the Flu and especially not the COVID. Flu season she stays home except for doctor appointments. This year she hasn’t left the house since Feb 17th. She has canceled future doctor appointments...
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    Veg Showcase Indoor Lettuces

    Chaz, I’d like to see more pics of your room setup. Does your lettuce farm take up the whole area? Are the worm bins in the same room? Do you ever go on vacation and leave it unattended? Or have someone look after everything for you? That’s my hold back on a lot of things, I like to take a...
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    Is this Cancer?

    There are telenurses and medical hot lines to call everywhere.
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    First of the 3 Re purposed water tank beds almost done

    Looks great! Low cost and using materials at hand is sooo satisfying.
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    Veg Showcase Luffa (loofah)

    I’m intrigued, I too thought they were some type of sea sponge. I use them sliced as a soap holder/dryer in the soap dish. When I need to scrub my hands it’s there ready to go. Edible you say? I’ll have to plant some when I get a support frame set up. I’m pretty jealous of Marc’s gourd...
  19. Water Storage

    Water Storage

    Water catchment from rain gutter runoff
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    Water Storage

    Wanda submitted a new Showcase Item: Water Storage Read more about this showcase item here...