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  1. Greyyowl

    Breeding hen feed.

    What do you feed your hens during their breeding seasons? I had them on layer mash until the rooster was introduced, he was fed scratch, the girls forgot the mash and ate about 3 of 8 seeds from the scratch, hence 5 seeds wasted. From a 30 kg bag about 17 kg is wasted and I am kinda tired of...
  2. Greyyowl

    Sometimes it sucks to be nice

    I lost one of my 3 wk old Light Sussex chickens about an hour ago. I had them (3) in my finished new quail coop giving it a test drive for me and they were crying to be put to bed in their normal spots. I went out to put a bit of lucerne dust in the corner and tell them they were camping out...
  3. Greyyowl

    Explain this......................

    How do 3 hens all the same size and breed lay eggs so different? please explain as Mz Hanson is opt to say. The Owl. ps: I have a video link.
  4. Greyyowl

    Chicken Brooders

    Well, I have had Apollo, a Buff Orpington Bantam, in my Incubrooder for 2 weeks now. Temps been 37c, true temp is 29c, using a 100 watt bulb and he has progressed perfectly. He has been having a run since 10 days old in the pen and he goes to his new home tomorrow. He has road tested my mobile...
  5. Greyyowl

    Question Buckeye chickens

    Is there anywhere in Australia where I would be able to get my hands on a pair of Buckeye hens? I have Australorps and they would sit perfectly in both compatability with my hens and hardiness in my cold climate. The Owl.