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  1. Gander

    Veg Showcase The biggest tomato you´ll ever see

    Just needed to show the biggest tomato I´ve ever seen! Harvested from my own staircase! :)
  2. Gander

    My ``garden´´

    So, wanted to show of my stair and show that you don´t need a big space to get a good harvest! :) I have some herbs, chilies, tomatoes, one goose berry plant two different citrus plants and some other plant that are unedible! Only one tomato have given any harvest, but soon the others will give!
  3. Gander

    Question Greetings from south of Sweden

    Greeting! I´m Alexzander (called Gander). I´m soon 26 and currently studying history at Lunds university in south of Sweden. I live in a student flat so sadly I have no space to grow really heavy/ space taking crops, but since I come from a long line of farmers I just can can not suppress the...