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    Rust problem?

    I'm guessing this is the start of rust on my cucumbers, how can I stop it ?
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    Quick question

    Hello everyone hope your having a good day I have a quick question ,over night a cat dug the garden and now 2 seedlings have been decapitated, the stalk bit is still there but no flowers so are they dead now? Thank you
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    Weird problem

    Hello team ,so I planted some chilli seeds in this pot here ,they are planted in coco coir so no nutrients and no chance for weed seeds in the mix ,I'm 80% sure I put 3 seeds in left ,middle and right ,centre pot . But I now have these things growing .its to early for the chilli seed germination...
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    Hello just joined from marks youtube videos. I'm from nsw Australia and pretty new to gardening . I've recently set up a compost bin ,built a raised garden bed and have planted seeds in little pots to get them started . I do have a quick question about throwing tea bags in the compost that I...
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