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    Dragon fruit

    Yeah I pretty much just left them When I was looking early in the morning the flowers are all still open and there are swarms off bees around them I mean lots of bees there was bees inside the flowers so surely they would do a better job then me Anyway time will tell there was hundreds of...
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    Dragon fruit

    Thanks I might have missed the boat if they only flower for one night There was hundreds of bees around if that helps There was a lot down low But would have no chance getting the high ones Will have a look tonight or early morning to see if anymore flower
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    Dragon fruit

    Currently I have loads of dragon fruit flowering at home Does flowers equal fruit there is about 8 different plants Cheers Jason
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    Thanks likewise for you and your family

    Thanks likewise for you and your family
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    New vege garden a flop

    I only started vege gardening again this year have built a few raised beds probably about august I think I started after my elbow surgery I bought the best garden soil from the nursery I could get, I done the hugelkulcher method so filled with lots off timber and smaller timber leaves mulch and...
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    I’m no expert but we have always picked them before being ripe on the tree they tend to get a purple /red colour on the end I guess we been doing it that long I just know what I’m looking at but can’t explain there is a lot of old abandoned mango farms mere where I live and we always used to go...
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    Macadamia nuts

    Thanks I will give it a try take some photos along the way and post up in couple of months with the results Cheers Jason
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    Hello from Mackay ,North QLD

    Nice part of the world up that way Went to eungella national park west of Mackay this year it was beautiful Also spent a bit of time working at Airlie and proserpine a bit further north after the cyclone a few years ago Some beautiful farming country from Mackay up to there and out west Pretty...
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    Question What are your plans this Christmas (and how is your garden involved)?

    Having mum dad kids and grandkids over normally we have a seafood Xmas dinner being in the subtropics But Mum and dad wanted to do a roast turkey and vegetables, the only real thing I have to use from the garden is pumpkin some silver beet corn and a few herbs Hope to extend the garden next...
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    1.25 kg picked while still green But the flying foxes are out and about
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    Macadamia nuts

    It’s a shame if there not I reckon there is about five bucket loads on the ground still heaps on the trees but it’s the best they have produced since I have been here and taken a interest and started looking after them better Have just spent four weeks in hospital due to drama with the elbow so...
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    Macadamia nuts

    Was wondering if anyone here knows Will macadamia nuts still ripen if knocked off tree early there is a ton of nuts on the trees but the bloody cockatoos are giving them a hurry up and have knocked hundreds to the ground I think normally there not fully ripe on the tree till about February Was...
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    Some new lay-dies

    It’s buried in the garden now
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    Ducks and foxes

    They will take Muscovy as well and they are a big duck I only have two ducks now that are really just pets on the dam We have two dogs since we got the second dog we have never lost anything they patrol the yard But could just be a coincidence
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    10 Reasons Why NOT to Keep Ducks?

    Yep all good reasons they can be a handful
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    Some new lay-dies

    I introduced four new chooks to the pen They where old battery hens My chooks killed one 😳and here I was trying to give them a good life
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    Why are Zucchinis shrivelling up?

    I would have thought once to six inches they should be right Good to eat at size I have had dramas of them falling off smaller then that and trying to work out why myself
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    Question What's the new additions to the garden does everyone have?

    I have this gold /yellow bamboo plant at home I thought beaudy can cut some of these for tomato stakes for free So just cut off a few branches with the demo saw cut to length trimmed all the leaves and what not off Hammer into raised bed screwed to the edge of the timber frame Now the things...
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    When is the best time to water your garden?

    I like mornings I’m up pretty early every day and for me it’s good to go down to the patch and water early I take my coffee the birds are chirping it’s quiet It’s calming walking around watering everything This might change soon as I have had a fair bit of time off due to a elbow op Back at...
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    Regrow Pineapples from Store Bought Pineapples!

    Never tried to grow these It was interesting how in the video that the ones at the shop with the top on where more expensive Like really
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