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    just to many mushroom

    I think I will definitely have to give that a go. We always have an abundance of sugar cane much so that makes it more viable. His shiitake video looks pretty interesting as well. Would you be able to recommend you Aussie distributor?
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    Question Cooking oil

    I have always had dramas reusing it when it had fine particulates mixed through. I think google/Ebay was listening to my conversation with my wife and started advertising this 'oil can of sorts' which helps with that, needless to say I bought it and it has been pretty good. On occasion I have...
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    Sweet potato

    I might have to check mine after seeing this beauty, I have neglected mine for a fair few months.
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    just to many mushroom

    I have tried a couple of times to grow mushrooms with the kits from Bunnings, not a single mushroom. I would love to read more about how you got such a lovely harvest.
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    Question Pruning?

    Hey Guys N Gals, I purchased a couple of Prunus Mume from eBay (came from Brisbane area) late last year with the intention of making a Japanese garden. Eventually, the idea was to try and make my own Umeshu as my wife and I love it. Due to circumstances I plan to keep them in their pots for...
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    Question Companion Planting herbs

    I will have to look into those mosquito dunks, they sound pretty good. Do they last or do you have to keep re-applying them? The Malabar is taking over at the moment, I had hoped that the oregano and thyme will act as a ground cover and the rosemary will have "free reign" over the ground...
  7. Black Diamond Log Splitter

    Black Diamond Log Splitter

    Mid last year I finally bit the bullet and purchased a log splitter, I spent a heap of time trying to find something reasonable for an affordable price and ended up with a Black Diamond 40t. I bought it from best-buys on Ebay, These guys have a heap of bad ratings but I found that they have...
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    Black Diamond Log Splitter

    Troy submitted a new Showcase Item: Black Diamond Log Splitter Read more about this showcase item here...
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    Question Cooking oil

    Sorry I should have added more info, I'm mainly talking about the small quantities left over after cooking a meal. For instance last I have about 1 L of sunflower oil left over from tempura from last night. I am thinking about small quantities up to 2L. I guess i'm was hoping to hear how other...
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    Question Cooking oil

    I am after some suggestions on how to deal with cooking oil after your finished with it. Ideas to reuse it around the garden or just recycle it would be ideal.
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    Solar Garden Lights

    I got one of these from wish late last year, it was much better than I expected. I had to open it up and fix the switch because i dropped it :blush: and found out it runs of two 18650 batteries which seem to be standard nowadays. It runs all night every night and lights an area of about 5x5M...
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    Classifieds section for seed swapping

    I still think this would be great but as a local area swap i.e click on your state or area and post what you have/looking for. Obviously there would still be some concerns like Grape phylloxera pest exclusion zones near me but the onus would be on those sharing? maybe a top level thread for each...
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    Cups or nipples

    Hey, I first brought nipples as I had a coop with Muscovy ducks and chickens, they ensured that there was always a clean water source in the pen. The ducks were very messy with the water tubs. I currently use the cups on my quail cage, it is hooked up to a 4L bottle that has been painted out...
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    Question Companion Planting herbs

    I'm giving Companion planting a go at the moment and I am using an old "self watering pot.." I thought while building this "does anyone else seal the water overflow with fly screen to prevent mosquitoes?" I would also love to see what successful companion pot combinations people have...
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    Hello from the Hunter Valley NSW

    Gday, Im Troy from the Newcastle Hunter region. I have been getting into growing my own plants and had a pretty good harvest of onion and garlic last year. I found selfsufficent me last year when trying to plant blueberrys and avacado from seed. Im a bit of a tech head and i am looking to...