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    Veg Showcase Mouse Melon

    I tried growing them here in Texas, but fruit would get about 1/4 inch long and then dry and fall. Any suggestions?
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    Native North Dakotan

    I saw a visibale flake or two as I was working like mad to get pots into the green house. San Antonio had some build up, but Corpus and Houston had about 2 inches. Hmm so strange!
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    Community Garden

    Kasalia that looks great! Love the flowers in the middle. Y’all have accomplished a lot in one season
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    My Raised Veggie Beds

    Wow, so nice! wow, so nice!
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    boggy bottoms

    How much sun does this area get?
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    Native North Dakotan

    Hello from Texas Sharann. Bet you’re colder than we are right now!
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    Community Garden

    To maintain certification as a Master Gardener a certain amount of volunteer hours Is required. The Helping Center Garden is just project among many. We work on Monday, Wednesday’s and Fridays. One man is the coordinator and then there is a lead on each day. I am theFriday lead. Most are retired...
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    Community Garden

    I don’t know if this qualifies but I volunteer in a garden that provides fresh organic produce to a food bank. It is a project of the Texas Master Gardeners of which I am a member. None of the produce is sold or taken for personal use but all iss given to the food bank. It is a wonderful...
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    Hello from mid north South Australia

    I toatally agree! Last fall-winter I grew an assortment of salad greens. I picked as we ate and the flavors and quality were so much better than what could be bought in the stores. I really grieved when the season was over! Besides I know it’s organic and healthy and so fresh!
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    Hello from mid north South Australia

    Welcome....glad you are enjoying your life in the country. Sounds to me like you are getting pretty self sufficient to me. Glad yo are enjoying the country life. You will so enjoy this forum! Sjerry
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    newbie from South America

    Welcome Hola. You will so enjoy this forum. There are people in this forum from everywhere! I luv e live Texas where I don’t get much rain. And the soil and water are very alkaline. Raised beds have been my key. I have gone to all raised beds and we harvest rain water. I look forward to seeing...
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    Question Do you plant seeds or seedlings?

    If I only need a 2 or three of something I buy transplants. I like to start tomatoes and peppers in late January and do step up potting as the plants grow bigger. This gives a big head start because Texas heat is unpredictable and having larger plants out as sum as possible is a big plus. I can...
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    Seed storage

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    Seed storage

    Thanks for the good info!
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