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    Humane Poultry Killer (from Morrigan)

    Hi Mark, I did check that one out but it doesn't appear to do the same thing as the aussie one. It just seems to hold the birds head in position while you pull the birds body back breaking the neck. Thanks anyway.
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    Ever had soft eggshell on a chicken egg? Here's why...

    Interesting. We've just had a Light Sussex start laying for the first time. She laid a shell less egg, then 2 days later another one. The second one had a noticeably thicker membrane. Then another 2 days after that she laid another with the membrane even thicker. After another 2 days she finally...
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    Humane Poultry Killer (from Morrigan)

    Hey Everyone, Does anyone know where I can get one of these other than Morrigan Farm. They have been out of stock for a couple of months and they wont be available until at least January 2016. Was hoping to get one for Christmas.
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome Jess, Like everyone else I loved your intro. It's funny the things we remember from our childhood. You seem to have some very special memories. Welcome to the site and keep up the lotto dreams. The rest of us are! lol.
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    HELP Wanted with Orphaned Goose Eggs

    Hey, Just to up date everyone. Only had 3 fertile eggs and all of them died about half way through incubation. I'm not sure why they died but just wanted to let you know how it turned out.
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    No name 48 egg incubator (JN 848?) automatic turner not working

    Hey Jason, What a bugger. I have 2 of those exact models. Mine came with a small pack with a spare rotator arm and a fuse. If you have no luck with the seller on ebay I would be happy to send you one of mine. Let me know and I'll post it to you. Regards, Jay.
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    Hello from Adelaide

    Hi Cathryne, I'm on the Fleurieu Peninsula, just south of Adelaide. We have 14 Chickens, 10 ducks, 3 cats, not sure how many rabbits and 5 Papillon dogs. (We breed them). After reading info on this site I'm giving serious thought to getting quail. Have a small orchard with apples, pears...
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    HELP Wanted with Orphaned Goose Eggs

    Thanks Mark, Thanks Ken, I've read that somewhere too Ken. Think this is going to come down to experimentation and common sense! I don't even know if they're fertile yet. 17 seems pretty old but she had 4 goslings last year. All ganders though. Will candle them this weekend and see what I can...
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    HELP Wanted with Orphaned Goose Eggs

    Hi Everyone. I have heaps of experience hatching and raising Chickens and Ducks. No Problem. I have a friend who called for help from me over the weekend. Her beloved 17 year old goose died suddenly after laying 11 eggs. She hadn't started to sit and laid the 11th egg the morning she died. So...
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