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    Here I Come

    Sorry. Just to clarify. Are you doing some plants hydroponically and maybe some traditionally(in the ground).
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    Hola from Rotherham, England

    I've never done it but reading your questions makes my brain fire off and imma just try and type out what it's shooting and hope it makes sense. Hey Martin, Aquaponics!! would be dope. IMO, it's a (depending on the cosmetics) consumable source of enjoyment. It's all depended on how big the...
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    Hello from Central Texas USA

    Howdy to the family. I started a garden two months ago, I kill everything but house plants. I use to kill house plants tho. I make jokes to my sister about how I have so many plant pots but only a few plants. ( my plants died.. or I blamed someone for killing them :hysterical:) everything aside...
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    Here I Come

    Hey Brad welcome dude, I'm new here aswell. Ricky from the US. Are you planning on doing a mix of both Hydroponics and growing in soil, compost, mulch, cococoir...etc... I'm curious because I just started "farming" and was thinking about doing most things in the ground but for cabbage, lettuce...
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    Some day, I'll Self 'suffice' my smoke's. Veggies for now!

    Hi, I've learned so much good **** from my dudes Youtube channel, I think its time to take a stab at my first forum website...and full family garden I guess..(imma bury them) ;P . I recently moved in with my family from a different state. I have found time in my hands and am in better weather...
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    Help keeping these alive

    One of those looks like a Cast Iron Plant and another looks like a Dumb Cane(I'm not sure tho, but for argument's sake) I'm guessing the rest of the plants that are in there are as low maintenance as the other two. I would learn a little more about the specific plants in your planter and see...
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    A lot of questions about mulch

    Thank you :) I want the bamboo to use for garden stakes specifically, so thank you for the suggestions. I was also curious to know if anyone has used it somehow or another for a mulch(wishing) since it is supposed to grow so easily. The sugar cane would be more for consumption, I grew it as a...
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    Update your picture Dood. Tons of love your way and best wishes. You're dope dude.

    Update your picture Dood. Tons of love your way and best wishes. You're dope dude.
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    A lot of questions about mulch

    I am in the USA and would like to use sugar cane mulch, but I can't find it anywhere( if you can point me in the correct direction thank you!) Also, on another note can I make my own sugar cane mulch at home if I were to want to grow my own sugar as well?Have any of you tried this? If so would...