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    How to kill a Yucca ?

    Yes ive drilled a dozen or so holes in the stump and filled with tree poison and kerosene. Also cover it with plastic so no sun or rain can get to it.
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    How to kill a Yucca ?

    I have a Yucca plant, well it got cut down today. What is the best method to kill the plant for good. Ive read they will still produce new shoots even after its been chopped down. Here is a picture before it got cut down today. Its now a stump about 15cm above ground.
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    Growing Potatoes - SE QLD

    Since you guys are talking about potatoes. Does anyone know a good supplier of sebago potatoes to buy (not seed potatoes). There the best for chips and bugger me impossible to find. Please help :eat:
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    What to Plant in MAY in Australia for Winter

    Im in Brisbane what about Ginger. I love ginger and want to give it a try. Do you just buy some ginger in the shops and grow those?
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    Passionfruit problem

    I wont go down the chemical route. Ill look into the fly zapper. One thing ive learnt growing fruit and veggies in Brisbane is to be patient and persistent. Beautiful weather to live in for us and insects. Thank you for the informative information CLissAT.:)
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    Passionfruit problem

    Thanks for helping CLissAT. Will this do the trick......Yates Mavrik for chewing in sucking insects?
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    Passionfruit problem

    My passionfruit is flowering like crazy and have only 2 fruit so far. All flowers have a chewed hole at the base of the flower. Can anyone tell me whats getting in and not producing fruit.
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    Please identify

    Buy a Panama Pandora Yellow. Dont buy grafted there hit and miss with producing fruit. The Panama Pandora is a quick grower with heaps of fruit.
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    Bug id please.

    Bug identification on tomato plant please.
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