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    Veg Showcase Growing Taro In My Aquaponic System

    I will get back to you on that one as I am only remembering stuff from my childhood. I haven't had taro or rukau (taro leaves) for decades because it's expensive to buy one in Adelaide. Like many tropical plants and trees, you need to create the correct environment for them to be happy. They...
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    You just use a wide-mouth jar with a lid. You can get them on the cheap from Kmart or Cheap as Chips. It doesn't have to be a Mason jar or Ball but if you can afford it, they are great. You can buy some Mason Jar Waterless fermentation airlocks. They come in a set. If not, you just burp your...
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    Fermentation Christmas

    I bought the Masontops Fermentation Kit and love it.
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    Hello from Southern Adelaide

    Hi Julie Join Joes' Connected Garden FB Group. They are in the Elizabeth area not far from me, They are a bit like Mark growing fruit trees in their yard.
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    hello from central Victoria

    Use what you have in the environments to create beds and pop your veggies in and see what happens.
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    Greetings from Logan!

    That's it, the best way to learn is to try :) If you kill your plants, all you have to do is, try again. Failure is not all loss because it allows you to do something different to increase your chances of success :)
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    Hi New Here

    Yes, welcome Shirley
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    Hi from Virginia, US

    You might invest in a greenhouse for some of your subtropic herbs like turmeric and ginger.
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    Hi from Virginia, US

    Look around in your area of what people are growing in their garden and how? Check FB garden groups and youtube too. btw welcome to the group :)
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    Getting into it in central Florida!

    Once you get one garden bed planted, you will want another and another... :tease::D
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    Hello from Santa Catarina state in southern Brazil

    Welcome, Jean! I like that green area on the hilly side.
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    Hello From The North East of England

    Nice greens, love it. Right now, it's dry in Adelaide, South Australia. But, my fruit trees are loving this weather. the only green areas are under the fruit trees and plant nursery under my jacaranda tree. I can't wait for the cool weather. Thank goodness for aircon indoors, I can stay out of...
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    G'day from WA

    Yes, Mark has that effect on all of us. He is inspirational, down to earth, charismatic, funny, so Aussie, and not cocky. After seeing his fruit trees, a few years ago, I am now a fruit tree addict LOL. I understand the benefits of going outside and eating off my trees. I'm already a gardener...
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    Afternoon From UK

    Hi Jenni, welcome to this awesome forum. I have seen people grow indoor house plants successfully including tropical plants. I think checking out their youtube videos might give you some tips on their secret to growing plants well indoors. Use the same concept for growing vegetables and herbs,
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    Simple Hydroponics - A Short Term Solution to Growing

    Great article ClissAT, I thoroughly enjoyed the read.