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    Dear Members - apology...

    Thanks Rachel but at the end of the day many people join our forum with the assumption (rightly so) that they will have access to me to some extent so it's up to me to find a way to become more active and that's what I intend and want to do. Cheers:)
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    Dear Members - apology...

    Thanks Andrew you've been a rock of a member here mate and I'm going to do my best to make sure loyal members like you see ongoing improvements and benefits here on our platform
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    Question Advice requested: placement of raised bed

    Have you grown those tomatoes there the whole time? If you can grow tomatoes in that spot you should be able to grow most things.
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    Hi from Central Coast NSW

    Welcome Deborah! All the best with your move :)
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    Dear Members - apology...

    G'day Everyone, I'd like to apologise for not making myself more accessible here on our forum over the past few months and indeed for some time longer than that my presence here has been limited, to say the least. I understand that many of you have joined our forum because you have seen my...
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    Hello from Morayfield, Queensland.

    Welcome Janelle! Have a search for some local dairies and just give them a cold call (easier said than done I do understand) I have sourced cow manure over at Pumicestone but it was an invitation so I really can't disclose it otherwise they might not be happy with me doing so. Some landscape...
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    Hi From Melbourne

    Welcome Ben, yes cardboard would work fine :twothumbsup:
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    Hello all!

    Welcome Meesh! Thanks for joining :)
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    Hello everyone

    G'day Tony! Welcome mate :)
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    Its time to PICKLE

    Great stuff! I'm trying to nurse a few cucumber plants through our winter to get a head start coming into spring but it's slow growing... our zucchinis are suffering also with leaf disease due to the cool damp conditions. I really love to have pickled cucumbers handy especially homemade ones
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    Hello to all from the Sunshine State!

    That's a cool bean to grow and a great name too! Hello Mel and thanks for joining us here on SSC! :)
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    Hello from Upstate NY

    Congrats and welcome to SSC thanks for joining us! :)
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    Hello from Freiburg

    Another great example of small space gardening Reggie thanks for sharing and for joining us here on SSC! That is unusual and I'm not sure why this is happening but perhaps don't get that type of compost again (obviously) but also making your own should be easy enough for a small garden. The...
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    Krystie from Red Earth Farm North Toowoomba

    Hi Krystie, look at those avos! :twothumbsup: Toowoomba is such a great place to grow avocadoes I have fond memories growing up there as a child and eating avos galore grown on my Grandparent's property. Thanks for joining us! :)
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    Fruit fly?

    I've seen Mediterranean fruit fly in our area on zucchini this winter (which is unusual) and signs of sting with rot around the site but no maggot development probably because it is too cold.