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    My Raised Garden Bed

    Very clever idea Christopher, netting it like that. Hopefully it stops cabbage moth as well, if you plant brassicas in there.
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    Growing Potatoes - SE QLD

    I am in the Coffs Area, still subtropical but not as hot. I have grown all sorts of potatoes, white, red, purple and salad. In pots and in ground. The ground is far better but I am always short of room so pots have been my choice in the last few years. The trick is not to plant too many in the...
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    Growing Sweet Carrots

    This was an old thread originally but temperature is the key. Carrots grow best in temperatures between 15 and 20 C degrees .Temperatures below 10C will stunt the growth of the foliage. Temperatures above roughly 26C will produce undesirable flavors in the carrots. Carrots can tolerate a light...
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    Photo of the month thread

    In for a penny in for a pound so they say lol.
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    Community Garden

    Shared or sold on our monthly Centro market stall.
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    Community Garden

    Wow been a year since I updated the Community Garden, so as the Garden Competition has just happened again, showing you where we are up to. John raised $53,000 in grants so far which has enabled us to solar power with off grid batteries to the the pavilion, put in a kitchen, 2 tanks, hot water...
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    New member in Wales

    Welcome Caroline22
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    My potted garden

    We make kimchi with our chinese cabbages. It dehydrates quite well also.
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    My potted garden

    Congratulations on what sounds like a good move, keep us up to date with your progress Andrew.
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    Great photographic resource plant diseases and pests

    Brilliant @ClissAT , great reference.
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    Hello again!

    Welcome back, you will be busy with a one year old on the hip lol.
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    Knocking up a few new coops

    Look like a nice size. Are they for you?
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    Hello from Colorado!

    Welcome Misty
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    Hi I'm from Colorado USA.

    I never change mine but always add new compost, chook pellets and blood and bone, and continually grow a different crop each time.