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    Gardening What is this bug on my tomatoes?

    To me that looks like a queen ant. I can't tell the species without more information about location. If you're in Australia, it is spring (and we've had a lot of early spring rain) and the young queens are out and about looking for new nesting locations. It will only be a concern if you have...
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    Any experience growing wheat?

    The only advice I'll give is that wheat, like corn, is wind pollinated so if you want some good heads you'll need to sow in a dense clump (like 2m x 2m), not in a single thin row.
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    Is woodchip good or bad for a vegetable garden bed?

    Throw some blood and bone on top of the woodchip (don't water it in) and you'll get your answer for why it allegedly depletes nitrogen. I found this out quite by accident only a month ago. I was crumbling b & b on my potted citrus which has a woodchip mulch, getting it ready for spring growth...
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    Kale tips

    Ah, kale. The one green I cannot eat! About two years ago I started adding kale to my morning smoothies. Within a week I broke out in this horrid rash over my abdomen. So I troubleshooted my diet and stopped eating certain things for a month. Sure enough when I came around to ditching the kale...
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    My pea's

    Flowers will set within a few days, you'll have your first pods forming within a week! You can harvest them at any stage of their development. Eat them young if you like crunchy, sweet whole pods, leave them longer (2-4 weeks) if you want fat peas.
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    Is this a fruit

    Nice find! Cissus rotundifolia seems to have edible berries and leaves. [Link] This plant comes from the wilds of Somalia and is also used extensively in Yemeni cuisine, apparently!
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    Pepper browning on vine

    Poke your finger deep into the soil. If it feels wet, leave it. If it feels dry, water it. :) Overwatering will be the likely problem if the brown patches on the fruit feel soggy and mushy to the touch. If they're kinda dry and hard, it'll be a sun issue. In the latter case, make sure your...
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    Is this a fruit

    I took a quick search through my native foods directory and I didn't see anything like that one. The leaves are quite distinct; I didn't see any native plant like it but this could be due to incomplete information on my part. The closest thing I saw was Brazilian nightshade, an invasive weed...
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    Durian Tree

    Durian are tropical fruit (originating from Malaysia/Indonesia) so they'll grow well if you've got rich soil and plenty of rainfall and humidity. The trees can grow to be gargantuan (25-50m or 80-160 feet), so keep that in mind for planting location. You do not want 2-5kg (6-15 lbs) durian fruit...
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    Gardening Suggestion for Pot Garden in suburban Brisbane

    Dwarf citrus are great companions. The only caveat is to make sure they're well-draining. My citrus hates being sodden (all the leaves go curled and rotten over time - this is now the second time I've stripped it back to a stem just so it had a chance to survive winter and it's sprouting back...
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    Is this a fruit

    Sorry mate, I can't ID that one! Where abouts are ya?
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    Pepper browning on vine

    How much water are you giving them? How wet is the soil? Capscicums and chillis don't like to be overwatered; it will cause the fruit to rot on the plant.
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    Question binging on fermentation videos right now

    Radish is great. My wife makes that all the time (Korean style - it's called ggakkdoogi; they have another one with whole small radish called chonggak kimchi - you could easily sub french radish for chonggak radish to make it - leaves and all!!) We recently did a whole-clove garlic pickle. Some...
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    Hi from Sydney's Inner West

    Love Warragal greens! They grow wild near my apartment so I don't need to do so myself. Basil will always die off in winter, when it is also vulnerable to black fungus; it's what they do. Same with chilli (esp. in Sydney/cold climates). However, you can overwinter both plants to avoid the...
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