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    Question How do i fix this on my computer ?

    no add blocker that I'm aware of. no viruses to be found. I have found ie on windows 8.1 to be unreliable. regards john
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    Moving 3 x raised garden beds

    Plants Mark , no good without plants:p seriously though what's going into this one? regards john
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    Question How do i fix this on my computer ?

    was or is something in internet explorer, i have switched back to Google chrome. regards john
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    Question How do i fix this on my computer ?

    Thanks for the replies , I have done all of the suggestions , seems to be something to do with blocking google adds ? regards john
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    New garden beds

    Started to install 4 garden beds about 3 weeks ago , they are corrugated iron and are 2300mm long by 600mm wide and 400mm high. Originally they were 800mm high , but the angle grinder sorted that. They are to be used for growing Black berries , Blue berries , Logan berries , Boysen berries...
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    Question How do i fix this on my computer ?

    I need a little bit of help with an error that I keep getting on YouTube. I keep getting this message when I go to watch any video , it only started today. until today all was good. This page can’t be displayed Make sure that the web address is correct...
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    Hello from Gabbadah Western Australia

    Stevo thanks for the welcome. Our average yearly rainfall is around 850mm, so not too bad. I have 2 x 3000 gallon rainwater tanks that fill off my shed that water the fruit and veg only. Also I only water as required. I also have submersible pump with a float switch that cuts the pump off if the...
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    The Plum rains have arrived

    Mika can you please explain the term Plum Rains for those of us (ME) who don't understand the meaning, good luck on you journey. Look forward to watching your progress. regards john
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    Ideas for brooders without electric power

    G'day Mika, I have used a large esky (cooler box) with hot water bottles when we have lost power. The longest period was only 48 hours though. regards John
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    Fermentation of vegetables is it safe to eat them (Botulism)?

    And samples Mark don't forget the free samples:tease:
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    Make Biltong in a standard dehydrator

    No worries I'm sure I can manage your pints as well.:noproblem: My SWMBO (she who must be OBEYED) only drinks my beer when its really hot weather. regards john
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    Whats happening in my small garden

    Great work Steve, you don't need lots of space to grow some nice fresh veg. The foam boxes work a treat and are easy to get for free. Gardening Australia had a segment a few weeks ago showing a guy who grows almost all his veg and herbs in them. I like the string idea for the peas. regards john
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    SSFW Tips

    Yes Mark that is correct, there is super strict quarantine laws regarding plant material in WA and Tassie. There is a quarantine fee I believe, as well as a long list of stuff we aren't allowed over here. Nothing like finding something you want in a seed or plant catalogue, only to see except...
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    Make Biltong in a standard dehydrator

    That biltong looks awesome Mark, pity your so far away because I have a good two can dark ale done with a stout booster that would wash that down a treat:cheers: regards john
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    Tip Simple easy tree trunk protector

    Thought I would share with you how I make a collar/guard to stop collar rot on my fruit trees. I you are like me and seem to have accumulated lots of old plastic pots. This is how I reuse them. I use two pots per tree. Firstly I cut the bottom out of the pots. Next I slit up one side. When...
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