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    lazy preserving of chilli

    do you cover in vinegar or how much vinegar do you use.
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    Why won't my garlic sprout?

    I've never had any luck with garlic either, might get some organic at the markets tomorrow and give that a try.
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    Plants to deter mozzies

    Ok, I just walked outside and got carried away by the mozzies. Any suggestions on what I can plant. I've read that sage, rosemary, mint , lemon teatree. So I thought, perhaps a lemon teetree hedge around the outdoor area might help - has anybody had good results from any of this, or what do...
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    Forty something fit - the best time to get serious about exercie

    I'm 56 and enjoy the gym (not at the moment). The aerobic classes are getting a bit too enthusiastic for me these days, but I still plod along at my own pace, and have weights set up at home. Also member of a Womens Fitness Adventure Group - where we go on arranged hikes. Love the outdoors...
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    Good Idea, thanks Andrew
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    Thanks, bit of squishing coming up.
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    lazy preserving of chilli

    Well this is what I'm doing this afternoon.
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    Morning Looking for some tips on keeping pests off my Broccolini. Its looking healthy, but noticing some bugs are thinking the same. Sub-tropical climate Nth Brisbane.
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    Armed with antrid, cloves & cinnamon. Hopefully one or a combination will help
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    Best Laid Out Orchard & Garden

    Really enjoyed watching that, would like to try the canistel. Will be checking the local nurseries.
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    Thanks, need to avoid attracting lizards as we have terrier dogs, staffy and and a ****zu. Will try the Prethrum. But for now will do the ant rid as I have some of that in the kitchen. I initially thought the ants were eating the aphids, but then found out I had that very wrong!
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    Hi, Suggestions please to get rid of ants which are all over my lime tree (indian lime). Also noticed they are all through my spider orchid, intend on repotting it to see if that will fix it. Thanks !
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    Hey Steve, I think it will be toward the end of the year. From memory it was around March that my curing process was finished with my first crop. That was a disaster, family illness and I just didn't have the spark in me to follow it through, but... this time, I'm going to smash it and have...