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    Scythe Vs Whipper Snipper or Brush Cutter

    Scything is a practical virtue. Chiefly, you learn how to mow without polluting. Such changes in behaviour are as challenging and significant as they can be exhausting. For me this ain't just youthful idealism (I'm a curmudgeonly 50 something like many Aussies of my gender), but a practical...
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    Scythe Vs Whipper Snipper or Brush Cutter

    A scythe can edge around plants, under fences and along walls. A shorter more precise stroke is used. I seem to remember taking the whipper snipper too close to a wire fence risked losing the whole length of cord if it got caught on the wire. As for scythes being "Ancient" they're still in use...
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    Scythe Vs Whipper Snipper or Brush Cutter

    I rarely have trouble getting paid and have been thinking of debt collection as horizontal integration of my business. I hear, "There goes the Grim Reaper," as I pass most building sites. A scythe mows according to the users capacity. Bad back, limited core strength, or disability, as long as...
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    Whipper snipper cord thread

    Actually, let's make the race for a six pack and give some real incentive to win.
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    Whipper snipper cord thread

    Get a scythe! (that's me) They work. Mow wet or dry, long or short and can cut solanum mauritainum up to 2 or 3 inches (beyond that and for harder woody weeds I use a hand made Michael Drinkwater brush hook. A damn fine tool) Scythes are resilient, sustainable and you can...
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    How to deal with gall wasp in a dwarf grapefruit

    Does anyone know how to deal with gall wasp in a dwarf grapefruit? They don't bother the other citrus but the little gf is riddled. Maybe it's weakened by the dwarfing root stock? Jeff
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    Veg Showcase Mouse Melon

    The mouse melon seeds I bought one impulse from Bunnings were sterile. The ones I sourced from Green Harvest in Witta are flourishing.
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    "Character is destiny", Heraclitus

    "Character is destiny", Heraclitus
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    Question What are these bugs on my Tahitian Lime?

    I use eco oil by eco spreco organics sprayed with some foliar feeder to deal with them. Scale and the stink bugs don't like it either. Jeff