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    Garden update

    Thank you for such a great update. All the best for your last cropping. We are in the throws of Spring here and I am trying to get bed ready before the hot weather arrives. Dan
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    Pumpkin plant not producing

    Hi, pretty close, Bellbowrie
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    Pumpkin plant not producing

    Hi 2Seventy5, I am certainly no expert but my best years for pumpkin harvests have been the "volunteers" that pop up in my garden when I top it up with compost, manure etc. This year with more rain than we usually get in Autumn I had some volunteers pop up and I allowed them to grow outside the...
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    Recommend Stuffed Zucchini

    Thanks Derek; I will share this with my bride.
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    Garden update

    Thanks for the update Derek. Interesting to read of your temperature variations! I am, roughly, in the same area as Mark, so our climate zone is Sub-tropics. Dan
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    Welsh allotment

    Welcome Debs!
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    Veg Showcase First dark green zucchini

    Great job. Isn't it satisfying to grow your own. I love it!
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    Hello from Texas

    Welcome to the forum. I have some wonderful friends in Midland Tx. as well as other parts of Tx. I am sure you will find this group very helpful. Dan
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    Glad to be here

    Welcome aboard. There are lots of ex-military people on this forum; not that makes any difference, just including a point of reference for you. Enjoy the group, I find them very helpful.
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    Question Red spots on Dragon Fruit plant

    Hi Jules, great to see you posting in this forum. I find it very helpful and especially for us "oldies" people are extremely supportive.
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    New vegetable garden

    I really am a raised bed devotee but find justifying the materials more difficult now that I am stretching retirement $$$. Don't get me wrong, we are not destitute by any means, I just need to spread the $$$ where they belong best. I toyed with the idea of a low bed edging but decided to go with...
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    New vegetable garden

    Hi, I have a vegetable "cage" to keep possums etc out. I reckon I need more space, so this morning I started a new vegetable garden. This morning, this space was a beautiful area of my lawn. Now the grass has been removed and I will level the area, perhaps terrace it. I am tossing up whether...
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    New asparagus bed

    I have purchased another two crowns to go either side of the existing one. I am not a big fan of asparagus but my bride loves it... so, I grow it. ;)
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    New asparagus bed

    Well, I have been out of the garden for a little while and got back there again these past few days. Surprise to me, the asparagus has finally "died off" so I cut them off low and will get some cow manure.
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    New asparagus bed

    But is there a limit to how late we can do that? We are now in July so winter only has two months at best here in SW Brisbane.
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