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    Do seeds grow when have been sitting in water?

    I'd give them a go after drying them out. If they don't germinate, plant something else.
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    Other side of Gawler

    Welcome to the forum. You've come to the right place for ideas, help, and dad jokes. Good to have another South Aussie on board.
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    Do seeds grow when have been sitting in water?

    What condition are the seeds in? Do they look or smell mouldy? And it also depends on what type of seed.
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    Chicken Evolution

    Haha, thanks for clearing that up, ClissAT.
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    Broccoli and Brussell Sprouts

    Well done, Lois. That's self sufficiency right there. My cauliflower and broccoli seedlings are pretty much the same as yours AndrewB. Cabbages are doing better.
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    Hello from the Pacific NW

    As you would, lol. And I bet the first thing you did in your new home was throw your arms out wide. Are you growing much produce?
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    Hello from the Pacific NW

    Welcome to the forum. Are you living on acreage?
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    Gday from the Tweed

    Welcome to the forum, Paul. Just because your property is steep, or has limited sun, doesn't mean you can't grow things. You just need to work out what will grow where.
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    Ours are usually waiting at the gate, and I greet them with a formal "Good morning ladies".
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    Crop Rotation & Fertilization

    I read somewhere that with tomatoes, refreshing the soil with plenty of aged manure and compost, as well as blood and bone, helps to lessen the dangers of any soil-borne nasties. My secret ingredient is to add some Epsom Salts into the mix as well. Apparently magnesium helps with calcium uptake...
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    Hello, Attempting Desert gardening

    I got hold of two pallets to build a compost heap, for all the stuff that's slow to break down in the bins, like the corn husks and leaves, and the pumpkin vines. Coming into winter, pallets are hard to come by; people like them for free firewood.
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    Our little fella comes into the chicken run with me, and isn't bothered at all with the girls.
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    My potted garden

    You were lucky to find a comfrey plant at Bunnings, AndrewB. When I asked at our nearest Bunnings, they had never heard of it, let alone stock it. Luckily I found some seeds online. Just waiting for them to germinate now.
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    My potted garden

    You can stop mozzies with a couple of fish.
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    March Competition - General Knowledge

    No worries. Both my wife and I enjoy watching Vasili's Garden. Apart from the product promotion, there are plenty of simple tips for growing fruit and vegetables. Highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't watched it.