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    My Fire Pit build project using retaining wall blocks & galvanised rim

    We cooked marshmallows.... they are food !!!
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    My Fire Pit build project using retaining wall blocks & galvanised rim

    My version. The insulation between the blocks and the liner is a combination of sand cement and vermiculite. The block stay cool no matter the fire inside. I made it last weekend and it's having its second outing tonight.
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    Afternoon Winter Harvest

    Quick harvest today and netted my blueberries as the first starts to ripens so I am the one to eat my crop and not the birds... IMG_20170710_171658_edited by Comfort posted Jul 10, 2017 at 10:34 PM Photostudio_1499689856928 by Comfort posted Jul 10, 2017 at 10:34 PM
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    Dragon fruit (pitaya)

    Seen this at my local restaurant and thought of this thread
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    Container Gardening

    Any good garden soil should have enough organic matter to stop it going hard.... If you cant buy better somewhere else, then add mushroom compost, coco coir, compost etc and it should stay loose and rich. I reckon if you still have a problem add some perlite and vermiculite. In my...
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    Container Gardening

    Intrmediate Bulk Carrier - the white plastic tank with a cage around them used to transport liquids.
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    Container Gardening

    Have you looked at wicking bed gardens using IBC and 200 litre drums both cut in half. The wicking side will help you with the water side. No top watering once plants established so very effecient. Half an IBC is 500 litres... I pay $40 for the IBC and $10 for the blue barrels. .. so halve...
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    Yes... I can feelmsome curries, tumeric chicken and smashed tumeric potatoes coming on
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    How To Breed/Grow/Raise Red Compost Worms Super Fast

    Yes.. although you should probably age it like all manures especialky those from birds. Yes. Red wrigglers is the term used for these on many american websites...
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    Just a heads up... if you are going to pick up from the Krmpsey store... to order online you have to enter their address into their system to be given the option to pickup from the factory or it will try and charge you freight costs.
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    Ok.. I had to use my first jar..? I harvested a barrel of ginger and tumeric and got this.. Dried about 2/3 of the tumeric into this Close to 2 cups of ground tumeric....
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    I dont know about that... I cant stack and label them that neat !!,