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    Veg Showcase Huge hidden cucumbers

    Thank you, they tasted wonderful. Would be great for pickling and then fried pickles!
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    Compost, recycle bin and or Hugelkutlure Bed?

    We humans don't realize how unresourceful we are,kudos to you!!
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    Veg Showcase Huge hidden cucumbers

    OMG Two huge hidden organically grown cucumbers huge! World record 42.1 inches long.
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    Growing Potatoes - SE QLD

    Are those trash bags?
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    Creating Compost

    Your grass looks great around pile! Great work plus sharing!!!!!!
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    Hot and Humid Virginia - What to plant in Summer?

    Trim lower branches off. And get you some sunshine on the ground. I guess you can only do that if you own. Talk about humidity I live in Louisiana!!! But I graduate from mount Vernon high school in 1979. Good luck with your garden.
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    Lemon & lime tree in grow bag: gamma lid center for shape & drainage

    Thank you vicky! I like Marks comments lately on utube for patrons about fruit trees! Don’t quote me but he said something in the range of your fruit trees are not going to look perfect in color and not to worry!!!!
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    Hello from North Oregon Coast, US

    Love it ! Simple, roomy, solid and easy to contain! Thanks for sharing and welcome !
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    Growing Potatoes - SE QLD

    Planted potatoes in one of my compost piles They our thriving. We plant potatoes here in central Louisiana on valentine day, makes it easy to remember!
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    Question Realities of Compositing

    Sounds awful about termites in pile! Needs off ground with cider blocks or concrete! Maybe a tumbler would be your best bet. But the trees show how wonderful composting is for sure. Wood termites are dangerous around home. You can make a tumbler cheap or buy one whatever fits the budget. Please...
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    Question Realities of Compositing

    Yep, shade on a slope. It has to stay moist but not soggy. If you can put it somewhere that is lacking vegetation, nutrition and structure of soil. Would be great because you can watch it come alive! You will never again not compost. Good luck Composting is the heartbeat of organic gardening!
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    Growing Potatoes - SE QLD

    Hey, maybe direct your question to Mark. I live in USA. Sorry can't help. But good luck
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    Question Compost Tumbler

    Perry Mr self sufficient me Did a review on tumbler about six months ago! Composting is the heartbeat of organic gardening! Good luck!
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    Veg Showcase Tomato

    Cheryl Smyth submitted a new Showcase Item: Tomato Read more about this showcase item here...