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    I was with 5/7 RAR from Dec 80 until Dec 91 at which time I was posted to the Army TAFE (as it was called then). They still had Appys there at that time. Great posting I loved every minute of it. I lived in the married patch across the road and on the banks of Lake Hume.
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    I didn't have a trade as such having spent my career in the Infantry. I hear what you are saying about the 'Sheds' ClissAT and it's the main reason I haven't joined one locally. All the best for the new year everyone.
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    Where to learn more about gardening/vegetable growing?

    It would be fair to say that the membership here possesses an incredible volume of knowledge about gardening/horticulture etc and it makes me wonder how they gained that knowledge? I would love to improve my own knowledge but how do I go about doing that? Youtube and channels like Mark's are a...
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    Fruit trees in tubs?

    Thank you Kate. I have some 200 litre barrels that I can cut in half as a starting point. Which trees are most suited to pots? Thanks again.
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    Fruit trees in tubs?

    This question may have been asked before but here goes. Can I grow fruit trees in tubs and what things should I consider when doing so? I live in north east Victoria. TIA, All the best, Brian.
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    I did 20 years between 1980 and 2001.
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    Welcome Paul, the backyard is the place to be. Have fun. Brian.
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    Introducing myself :)

    Welcome to the forum Bronwyn.
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    Hi from Noosa

    Welcome Ola, gardening is great therapy indeed, right from the planning stages to the harvesting of your crops (well it was for me anyway). Have fun. Brian.
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    G’day all!

    Welcome aboard John.
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    Tomatoes Flowers but no fruit?

    Hi All, hope you're all well. I have a query re my tomatoes, that is, why are there lots of flowers but very little fruit? I understand toms are self pollinating, but mine are very inconsistent. I think three flowers have pollinated while the rest seem to have just dropped off. I'll post a...
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    Newbie from North East Victoria

    Hi Mark, this is the second time we've lived here. The first was when I was on the staff at Latchford Barracks, we lived in the married patch across the road from there at the time. All the married quarters were subsequently demolished due to termite infestation so I'm told There are certainly...
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    Newbie from North East Victoria

    Hi Matthew, thanks for your reply. The blue drums have a drain/overflow in them so excess water can drain out. As far as expense goes, I like the Birdies raised beds but they aren't cheap but as you say it may be an investment, that said though there is almost always a quality v price decision...
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    Newbie from North East Victoria

    Thanks Dan, we have an Aldi close by. I do like Aldi's stuff and I'd be keen to know what the quality of build etc on the Aldi beds is like. Thanks for your advise. All the best, Brian.
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    Newbie from North East Victoria

    Thanks for your reply ClissAT. The leaky planter has a crop of onions sowed and sprouting. I think I'll leave as is until I've harvested the onions. Once they're done, I'll empty the planter and fix it up. All the pots are holding their shape so far, let's see what happens in a few months...
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