Wheelbarrows & dragonfruit

Wheelbarrows & dragonfruit

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A prolific dragonfruit tree scaffolded by a dollar gum speckled with old wheelbarrows used as vegetable growers.
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Just beautiful!
I love the use of old barrows.....so many of them! :faint:
Since my first broken barrow found a new life as a plant pot, I decided to buy plastic tray barrows.
However the ones I buy with straight handles don't fall apart as quickly but once their handles break, I use them as bird baths which I can move around to keep them in the shade all year under trees.
@letsgo thanks. It's quite the creeper up the gum tree. It needs the support for sure. Just waiting to see if it fruits.

@stevo we decided to move out here to give the rural lifestyle a go, even though both of us were complete city slickers. It's a lot of work in the spring and summer. I'm bracing myself for it this season, so I won't have much time on the forum!

@Mark thanks mate!

@ClissAT another great idea for those broken barrows! These ones were left to rot so we started using them to plant flowers and vegetables. They help keep those pesky hares and other pests away.
Ash, I think you should have been making a video blog from the start, it sounds like it could have been very entertaining, the city slickers vs the farm :D
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I'd have loved to do that. I'm so time poor though I need an appointment to go to the toilet these days.

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