Tall Bread 11Jul16

Tall Bread 11Jul16

I tweaked the bread maker recipe & got bread the same as commercially produced loaves.
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I tweaked the recipe on the Lauke Bread Flour bag & got a loaf at least as good as commercially produced loaves all soft & easy to tear & not crumbly. Very yummo!
I'm actually trying various connotations of other views I have so not all my photos come out with the same background!
Unfortunately it's one of those things, its the best view & the others don't look nearly as good.....well to me anyway.
Yes when I did the pros & cons of coming here that view took up 4 lines!
Interestingly, I have offered it to various friends who are into photography & assorted local groups to use for practise but no takers! :dunno:
Even with more than 40m of verandahs & enough tables & chairs to seat 40 people, I have it all to myself.
I even suggest they camp overnight to get best morning or evening shots. Although that can be a bit hit & miss. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to the dates for the best sunrise/sunset shots.

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