Monumental task

Monumental task

  • Ash
Setting up a vegetable patch with a hand hoe and a bit of muscle
The soil looks excellent! You guys will grow some top produce in that medium :twothumbsup:
Thanks mate. It is a bigger task than it looks doing it all by hand. A tiller would be handy here but we still have to dig the borders of the beds to put in some sleepers and that's enough work to keep us busy for a while. I'm hopeful the soil will be okay - it looks good now because we had that torrential rain a couple of nights prior - it gets rock hard when dry and hard to sustain small plants. I'll have to keep the bore water to it to keep it moist, and I'll have to start composting to give the soil some body. So much to do.
Is this the good lady wife Ash? You don't need a tiller - you've got one helluva machine right there! That's very impressive...
Affirmative, Oskar. The wife does do a good job, and I'm thankful for her getting involved
The garden beds are coming along slowly, though the local hardware store has run out of the sleepers we need to keep building them...
The next instalment of the vege patch project is the laying down of the sleepers to demarcate the growing area.

My wife wanted the width of the beds limited to 1.2m so that produce can be within easy reach of either side of the bed but now seeing it in the flesh it didn't need to be that narrow. So future ones will be 1.5m wide.


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