Garden bed canopy scaffold

Garden bed canopy scaffold

  • Ash
Polypipe scaffolding to support a canopy
Beautiful shot love the beds being built and the dark clouds in the background
Looks good. The only thing I'd think about is, when you're running the mower along the sides you might knock those steel plates off, doesn't matter I guess, as long as they don't puncture a tyre or foot.
I'll keep checking on those plates and if they're beyond repair (renailing in) then I'll just whip them off and put another 100mm screw through the ends to keep the right angle pieces together.
What netting are you going to put over it anti bird or also insect/fruit fly?
I can't do either at the moment! The poly pipes are now sagging and too weak to hold up anything !
I have to reconsider what to do about that - may have to be steel supports instead.
@Ash Is it 25mm poly? If so, I'm surprised it's sagging... You could try conduit (the smooth white plastic stuff) and use it along the top to give the frame more strength? Also, if it's bending or breaking from the base bracket you might need to drive in some reo steel posts leaving about 30cm above ground and then slide the pipe over that and this would give it more stability.
It's 19mm poly. I have 13mm poly that I might try and thread into the 19mm poly to see if it will strengthen it. Any significant weight on the top of the piping would probably cause it to collapse so I was just hoping it would hold up netting for now. I'll give this a go over the weekend. So much to do...

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