Dwarf Malay Green Coconut

Dwarf Malay Green Coconut

Here's hoping it lives a long life...
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OMG that is so cool!
How big does this dwarf tree get?
When can you expect fruit from it?
Where did you get it from?
How much was it?
Great stuff :)
Thanks Mark.
Well the size is anywhere from 1m to 12m. They say you should get around 5-8m but I've seen all sorts of sizes from my googling. I suppose it all depends on the conditions of the location it's grown and the quality of the nut itself. I've seen pictures where the nuts are nearly resting on the ground it's so short.
If it's healthy you can expect anywhere from 160 to 25o fruits per year and start fruiting from year 3 to 4 onwards. Pretty amazing if that actually happens!
There are a couple of places that sell these but I got this one from Daleys Fruit trees. They sell very quick so you need to snap them up when they become available.
This one was around $50 delivered. It's a bit expensive but they are really hard to grow to this stage so i don't mind forking out for it.
I was watching some youtube videos where people have managed to grow a coconut from the ones you can buy in Woolworths or Coles. The ones I saw had a 50% success rate or even less. You really don't know if a nut will germinate until you wait the weeks or months. I'm thinking of having a go at germinating a few myself but I'm hoping i have more luck than our mushroom growing attempt! Ha, memories.....
Hi Jeff,

They say as far as Coffs Harbour but i think it really depends on the location.
They hate frost and need humidity around 70% and obviously warm temps. Loves a very good draining soil but at least 1m of rain/water per year.
While mine is young and still in a pot I'm going to try and create a little mini climate for it by keeping it amongst my ginger plants. My hope is that the humidity is higher in amongst them (it always feels a bit steamy to me in there).

I think it's a fingers crossed type of exercise....

I agree, VERY cool...fresh coconut water, milk and cream. I wonder how many coconuts you need to make a litre of coconut water? I'm guessing the coconuts at coles/woolies would potentially grow into monumental palms though...I think you're way better of sticking with a dwarf variety like this. How cute would a 1 metre one be!

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