Tips & Tricks guide to container gardening overview


- Repotting your plants

- Types of containers and their pros and cons

- Soil temperatures

- Companion plants

- Watering

This is a guide to container gardening, written by and for the community.

What does that mean?​

What it means is that this is a collaboration with people in the community that wished to participate. This can go from edits, additions to writing articles. It's meant to be a beginner-friendly guide to people wanting to gain knowledge on how to successfully container garden. This can have many topics, ranging from soil, size of pots to handy tips and tricks that have been learned over the years. The intent is that years and years of knowledge can be shared on here so that people can learn and hone their skills.
This is meant to be a "living" article thread, that gets regular updates in either new articles or edits.

How can I help?​

I'm glad you asked! All you have to do is message @Mandy Onderwater with your ideas or edits. Together we can apply and upload edits and articles. You can also add to an idea list, so people might feel inspired to help out and write a section. You do not need to have a fully completed article! This is why it's a "living article thread", we will upload and update as we go. This means nothing gets left behind or forgotten. We can always edit and improve as we go, allowing people to see and learn from what we have in the meantime.
Whilst the article thread will be uploaded under one name, your name can be added to the top or bottom of the article. This way people understand who wrote it, if so desired.

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Information placed here might be subjected to copyright.