Chickens Top 6 Reasons for Keeping a Rooster in Your Flock

Pros: good info for chicken lovers
Cons: none
My parents kept chickens when I was a little girl. I used to collect the eggs every day. My dad would also breed miniature chickens. The love for chickens has never left me. Since getting our garden on a dairy farm, we are still not able to keep chickens for the sake of the distance getting to the garden, but we enjoy the antics of the farmer's chickens every day. They dust bath in our tomato polly tunnel, and they are so cute.

I used to have the female chickens ride with me in my basket on the bike when I was little. The rooster (Oscar) did not like this and til this day I still have the scar on my thigh as evidence. The rooster was very much in control of his girls! Very nice article!
Pros: Lots of great reasons to keep birds. Well thought out
Cons: Can’t think of one
Excellent inside into flock management. Love roosters myself. I thin’ that a rooster can earn his keep.
Pros: Excellent learning info!
Cons: I can't think of any!
Who would have thought that roosters were that cool! I admit that I've still have so much to learn about, well, everything... but this (well written) article has broadened my views of roosters! Thanks so much!
Pros: Good points about roosters
Cons: Not any rooster will do
Having hatched and raised a few roosters, all the good points that you have in the article are true, but a rooster needs to be chosen carefully. Any that attack the hand-that-feeds, or chase the girls down, or attack certain girls needs to be eliminated no matter how pretty. We had a lovely boy in our breeding flock who the girls loved. He would do his dance display and if the hen walked off he would find another and not force them. However even he culled male chicks if he got the chance. Most times the mother hen would attack him if he got too close. My experience is the mother hen may hatch the chicks in the hen house but will take the chicks away from the flock and raise them until the chicks are six weeks old, then return to the flock. If keeping a rooster is not a problem then consider a peacock as well. Excellent defender from hawks and snakes. Check with the neighbours though, they can be very loud on the roof at 3am and have a 500m flying territory.
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Pros: You reasons for keeping a rooster in your flock supported your 'title'.
Cons: Your target audience resonates more to those outside the suburbs.
I think the majority of the negative feedback on roosters is something to do with the location and not so much about the actual stud of the flock.

A rooster in the suburbs is a deal breaker for most people. Maybe, if the noise roosters make is normalised, these people might think differently about them. I mean look at barking dogs at night, we seem to let it go and accept it.

The positives you mentioned and rooting all day (LOL) gives a rooster the perfect mate status.

Great article Mark!
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Pros: Interesting and factual
Cons: None
I like my rooster a lot but I keep my eye on the bugger the whole time. He's always after a cheap shot and I swear he laughs when he scares me into squashing or dropping the eggs. He is a gentleman to the ladies when there are treats but he's a sucker for the grain and will peck his lesser liked ladies to get to the front. Brad is the only one in our flock with a name.
Pros: To the point and interesting!
Cons: None I can think of... lol
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