After reading a comment from someone struggling to keep their mint plants alive, I felt like asking, what amazing thing is happening that makes mint die? I've never had it happen, I've even TRIED to make it happen and failed. Mint completely taking over the yard however, been there done that, mint lawn anyone? On the bright side, it makes a great smell when run over with the lawn mower!

I really must invest in some large pots and get some mint growing again, I actually had to buy fresh mint yesterday at the store and cussed at myself for not making mint the first thing I planted when I moved into my new house, given how easy it is to grow weeds in the yard mint should do well if my past experiences with it are anything to go by. :ROFL: Just as well I like mint I guess.


My favourite thing to use mint for is seafood pasta salad, and it's one thing my family eats a lot of. :eat: Here's my recipe (I know, it's not a conventional way to write a recipe, but I'm not a conventional sort of person).

Of course, there's always tabouli to be made, but another way to use up mint is to make seafood pasta salad. Be aware this makes a ton of the stuff, great for catering for large groups of people/parties. If you want to make a smaller amount, I hope you have better mathematical magic for working out the portions than I care to summon.

You'll need a large cutting board, can opener, very large spoon or spoon-like scoop for mixing everything together, smaller normal spoon for mixing sauce, sharp knife, veggie peeler, an approximately 750mL or larger bowl, 3/4 cup measure, a teaspoon measure, very large food safe container of whatever type you have available. Needs to be at least the size of the average laundry bucket preferably larger so you can mix everything evenly together without spilling stuff everywhere. Also useful to store it all in assuming you can fit it in your fridge, though many smaller containers also works for storage.

Ingredients are...
2 large iceberg lettuces, or an equivalent amount of cos or other mild tasting crunchy fresh lettuce of your preference.
4 cups of mint leaves - spearmint is my favourite for this but any mint will do.
2 large tomatoes of whatever is your favourite type, minus the seeds and excessively juicy stuff in the middle, you just want the firm fleshy parts. Waste not want not, just ferment the other mushy bits for a bit and then plant the seeds out to grow more tomatoes!
3 large cucumbers.
half a fully grown celery worth of celery stems, and either 2 cups of the celery leaves or the same amount of continental parsley leaves.
450-500g of the creamiest whole egg mayonnaise you can get your hands on.
3/4 cup of tomato sauce (ketchup for the Americans reading this).
1 teaspoon of hot tabasco sauce, or more if you like it hotter.
1 kg surimi (also called seafood salad mix, seafood extender, seafood highlighter, crab meat, crabsticks, and probably a few other names depending on where you're from).
400g can of tuna, or salmon if you prefer.
500g of seashell shaped pasta if you want it to look seafoody, or any other type of pasta pieces that tickle your fancy.
2 large finely grated carrots.
If you can afford it and like them adding a kg of cooked and pealed prawns is amazing but that's just being decadent, the recipe doesn't really need it.
A couple of yellow capsicums go well too, or whatever colour you prefer, as does finely chopped or sliced chillies if you're a big chilli fan.

How to create this marvellous concoction...
Wash all the plant matter and pat dry with some paper towel.
Boil the pasta until al dente (you want it soft but firm). Whilst that's going on, chop the mint and celery/parsley leaves up and put them in the large container.
Peel the cucumbers unless you have a variety that doesn't have a bitter skin, and cut them up into little roughly 1cm cubes.
Chop up the celery stems into 3-5mm slices.
Cut the tomatoes into pieces around the same size of the cucumber bits and put all that in the large container as well.
Then go to town on the lettuce cutting that all up into little bite size pieces and add that to the large container and give it all a stir to mix it up.
Cut up the surimi into pieces a bit larger than the cucumbers and put that in the large container.
Then drain the can of tuna and shred the tuna up like a pile of meaty crumbs and add that to the container. Give it all another stir to mix it all up evenly.
With any luck your boiling pasta should be ready by now, drain it and add it to the large container and mix it all together really well.
Get the smaller bowl and add to it the mayonnaise, tomato sauce and tabasco sauce and mix well.
Then add that sauce to the large container with everything else and stir it in really well until everything is evenly covered in the saucy stuff.

Fridge it and serve cold. Stays good for up to 4 days that I know of so long as it's kept in the fridge. I haven't yet tried freezing it, never lasts long enough here for me to have tested it past 4 days in the fridge, but I can't see any logical reason why it wouldn't freeze well except that it might make the lettuce a little bit sad.