Ever since I moved to Australia there is this one sauce I can't find anywhere - and no, garlic aioli does not taste the same. So I asked my mom, "I remember you made us garlic sauce when I was a kid... could you share your recipe with me".
This recipe is made for garlic lovers such as myself, who like the kick it has and love to put it on everything.

IMG-20201023-WA0000.jpg *Handy tip: It can also be mess free when put in a bottle!

This recipe does not have ANY specified measurements and you can put however much of any ingredient in and it will still taste amazing!
I like to use the 500mg Heinz Original Mayonaise bottles

300mg Mayonaise
200mg Yoghurt
2 tsp Lemon juice
1 tbsp Fresh chives
3 Medium cloves of garlic

There are no specific steps for how to make this as there is no order required. Personally I like to start with making sure I have a bottle (or any container) half-full of mayonaise. Next I would add the yoghurt and lemon juice. Then I'd start peeling the garlic and use a garlic press to squeeze it straight into the bottle. In the case where I don't have a garlic press, I finely grate it. Lastly I would head into the garden and grab the chives I need. I actually like to cut them in half and then hold them all together and use a scissor to finely cut them up. I like doing this over a small bowl as they like to jump around sometimes. If you struggle pouring it into your desired container, a funnel would be of great help - just make sure it's dry so they don't stick! All you have left to do is either stir it or give the bottle a good couple of shakes so it all mixes up on it's own. It's that easy!

In the end it usually takes me about 10 minutes to make when I'm not in a rush. Quick, easy and delicious!

Bonus tip!
Tastes best if you let it stand in the fridge for at least overnight!

Bonus tip 2!
Made too little? Or it tastes too strong? Add more mayonaise or yoghurt, it'll help significantly!