Fruit & Vegetables Aussie Bush Tucker - An Introduction to Common Native Foods of Australia

Pros: Everything! Informative, honest, real, accurate, respectful of Indigenous culture.
Cons: None. This article series is flawless in so far as I can tell.
This is the most informative, accurate, and honest series on Aussie bush tucker I've ever seen. Valuable to Aussie gardeners and foodies, encourages the preservation of our native species, and gives us a far better understanding and appreciation of the culinary knowledge of Indigenous Aboriginal peoples from across the country, without skipping out on the necessary warnings about toxic plants, plant parts, and the real risks of misidentifications.
Pros: I love this kind of bush tucker stuff!
Reading about some of your chief influencers I couldn't help wonder why I wasn't one of them... :D I'm just joking... seriously lol.

I grew up watching Malcolm Douglas and I still watch him today on YouTube because he really lived what he preached or documented for others to enjoy and he did it in a first-person amateurish kind of way that felt authentic.

I also completed the Les Hiddins 3-week survival course in the 90's when I was in the Army - I think I only just survived... But it was certainly memorable!

Anyway, thanks for writing and maintaining this ongoing article here on our forum about bush tucker etc it really is impressive!
JP 1983
JP 1983
Cheers Mark! I'm ex-army as well (9th RQR), but I wasn't SAS so I never did the bush tucker training. I've always been a late bloomer but this knowledge will be invaluable moving forward into this increasingly crazy and uncertain world. Some of us can't manage our own gardens due to lack of space and this is the next best thing (and much less of a workload)!
Pros: Very informative and detailed.
It's an excellent article thread for anyone living in Australia. It has all the information you need, plus warnings! There are pictures to help you identify the plants to aid you in finding them.
10/10 from me!
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